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Bhutan Travel & Tour Agency | Tour Packages | Drukair Rep Singapore - Travel to Bhutan with Druk Asia, Bhutan Travel Tour Agency. We are the ticketing agent of Royal Bhutan Airlines, DrukAir, with offices in Bhutan and Singapore.

  • About Bhutan | Druk Asia | Drukair Rep - Bhutan is a unique country rich in lore, tradition and beautiful architectures. Only fifty thousand tourists visit Bhutan annually. Let Druk Asia show you its charm and beauty.
  • Travel Plans | Bhutan Travel Agent | Druk Asia - Choose from one of our Bhutan travel and tour packages and let us customize it further for your preference; single, private, trekking or even your business trip
  • Bhutan Travel Review & Testimonial | Druk Asia - Let our travelers share their experience in Bhutan. Read their review and testimonials.
  • Contact Druk Asia | Druk Air Representative Office - Travel to the Kingdom of Bhutan with Druk Asia (Singapore). Druk Asia is the sole airline representative of Royal Bhutan Airlines in Singapore.
  • Bhutan Festival Calendar 2016 | Druk Asia - Bhutan festival dates for the year 2016. Use this calendar to plan your upcoming trip and witness a festival when you are in Bhutan.
  • Hotels in Bhutan | Bhutan Travel | Druk Asia - The number of hotels in Bhutan, especially Thimphu and Paro, have been growing quickly. Check out the hotels which we love to stay in when we are in Bhutan ourselves.
  • Cultural Bhutan Tour Packages | Travel Package Cost | Druk Asia - Tour packages to Bhutan. Druk Asia Your one stop service for Druk Air ticketing, Visa, custom private trips, group travel and business trips to Bhutan.
  • Luxury Bhutan Tour Packages | Travel Package Cost | Druk Asia - Choose from one of our Bhutan luxury travel plan and let us customize it further for you. You can also contact us directly to have one unforgettable trip customized from scratch for you.
  • Festival Bhutan Tour Packages | Travel Package Cost | Druk Asia - Choose from one of our Bhutan festival travel plan and let us customize it further for you; a homestay, a short trek, or a touch of luxury among others.
  • Trekking Bhutan Tour Packages | Travel Package Cost | Druk Asia - Choose from one of our Bhutan trekking travel plan and let us customize it further for you; extend or shorten your stay, a touch of luxury for single and group travel.
  • 5 Days Uma Paro Himalayan Adventure | Bhutan Luxury Travel - Stay for 4 nights in Uma Paro, a 5 stars Resort by Como Hotel. Located in the town of Paro, Uma Paro is an ideal place to stay after a long hike to Tiger Nest Monastery.
  • 8 Days Amankora Journey | Luxury Escape | Druk Asia - Amankora is a collection of beautiful hideaways throughout Bhutan's principal western and central valleys.
  • 9 Day DrukPath Trek | Trekking Travel Plan | Druk Asia - DrukPath Trek, a beautiful 6 day trek that starts at Ta Dzong, Paro and ends at the road above the Takin Sanctuary, Thimphu.
  • 7 Day Thimphu Tshechu | Festival Travel Plan | Druk Asia - The Thimphu Tshechu, as all Tshechu festivals, honors Padma Sambhawa, also known as Guru Rimpoche.
  • 7 Day Punakha Tshechu | Festival Travel Plan | Druk Asia - The Punakha Tshechu honors Padmasambhawa, the precious yogi and saint who is credited with having introduced Tantric Buddhism throughout the Himalayas.

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