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Medical Oncologist, Tumor Immunologist, Radiation Oncologist, Charles B. Simone, M.MS., M.D. - Charles B. Simone, M.MS., M.D. is an Internist (trained at the Cleveland Clinic 1975-1977), Medical Oncologist (National Cancer Institute 1977-1982), Tumor Immunologist (National Cancer Institute 1977-1982), and a Radiation Oncologist (University of Pennsylvania 1982-1985). He helped to organize the Office of Alternative Medicine, National Institutes of Health. He is author of Cancer and Nutrition, Breast Health - Breast Cancer, Shark Cartilage and Cancer, Prostate Health, KidStart, and Sports and Nutrition.

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  • Rose2476 - Waste of money- so dissapointed.

    I was so excited to purchase this item, as I have tried many products. I have not a missed a day of taking the daily dose 2 tablespoons. Unfornatly I have not seen any difference in my hair growth or condition of my hair. I eat clean and drink plenty of water and have found that Biotin 5000mg is really the best way to go and a third of the price. Do not waste your money, eat healthy and lots of protein that is the key to good hair and good skin. Good luck!

  • Dave - Funny thing, that covers just two years for the ...

    Simple install and fast! Reason for three stars, on the manufacturer's website it states "Once installed, you will have full control over the exhaust mode, via a simple ON/OFF remote wireless controller or your Homelink transmitter (simple programming required, instructions provided). " What they do not tell you, and you find out after you receive it, is if your Vette is newer than an '06, you cannot program the Homelink. The instructions received state "after 10/06 GM used a new company car2u that does not lean (sic) codes so it can not be programmed)".

  • Stephan A. Cheney - The Blue-Ray is flawless.

    I have received the Blu-Ray disk from Amazon. It contains both Blue-Ray and the DVD formats. I'm reading many complaints from people who bought this b&w version. My copy is perfec.... flawless and very clear. I'm very pleased at the quality of this old film on a 60 inch HD screen. It's very well done. No issues with syncing voice/picture. It's wonderful!

  • Tony Qski - Class A B-Flick

    This moive has it all: complete world destruction, amateur acting, iffy special effects and lousy plot. And it entertains from start to end. You laugh all the way through it. I was on my seat with animated suspense, laughing at its silliness, corny lines and two bit cliches. Its up there with the great cheese of apocalypse movies: Deep Impact, The End of Tomorrow and The Divide. What's even greater about this movie is that it did not attempt to explain the mystic dribble of the Mayan hypothesis. What a pile of crap that theory is. I laughed the loudest when Danny Glover overacted his main line with too much emotionality to the leaders of all nations: "Its the end of the world." It just had to be said.

  • Jane - pre purchase literature skimpy

    I ordered this book along with quickbooks for mac2013. The description at amazon doesn't clarify if it is for windows or mac.

  • Amazon Customer - A great camera for the price.

    A great camera for the price. Night vision works pretty well. The phone app works better than the webpage. The setup was easy. Took a little bit to see the default username and password because it is on the sticker and very small.