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Back in Control - David Hanscom, M.D. - Defined Organized Comprehensive Care (DOCC) is a framework that breaks the pain experience into its component parts. By understanding and treating ALL of the variables affecting your pain, you are able to regain control of your care, pain and life.

  • Terms of Use | Back in Control - DOCCPROJECT's Terms of Use are presented below. If you visit, you accept these conditions. These Terms of Use (the “Terms”) are a
  • The 5 Stages | Back in Control - The medical system cannot respond to your needs in a timely manner. They are too specific and complex.  If you want out of the misery of living with
  • Surgery? | Back in Control - Spine surgery has a poor reputation for many patients. Unfortunately the reputation is deserved. Everyone knows friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family who
  • The Book | Back in Control - In his best-selling book, Back in Control, renowned spine surgeon Dr. David Hanscom describes how to conquer debilitating chronic pain without surgery. His
  • Resources | Back in Control - Resource Contents Books Core Books Pain Books of Interest Organizations Videos Links Articles & Papers by David Hanscom Learning Chronic
  • Dr. Hanscom | Back in Control - David A. Hanscom, M.D - Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Current Postion Dr. Hanscom is a board certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in complex spine problems
  • Compassion | Back in Control -     A Course on Compassion: Empathy in the Face of Chronic Pain Click to view A Course on Compassion lecture videos Being labeled as a
  • Stage 1: Address Anxiety | Back in Control - Stage 1: Address Anxiety Not having a basic human need met such as air, sleep, food, or water causes great anxiety and then anger.  Not being in pain is one
  • Learn About Your Pain | Back in Control - Stage One: First Step Learn About Your Pain There are two fundamental aspects to the perception of pain: The source: Three Sources of Chronic
  • You are Not Your Thoughts | Back in Control - Stage One: Second Step You are Not Your Thoughts It has been said by philosophers for centuries, “You Are Not Your Thoughts”. However it certainly
  • Neurological Pathways – Not Psychology | Back in Control - Stage One: Third Step Neurological Pathways – Not Psychology Dan Coyle in The Talent Code shows how the brain forms neurological circuits in response
  • Get Some Sleep | Back in Control - Stage One: Fourth Step GET SOME SLEEP Sleep is number one.  The only reason that I placed the calming down of the nervous system ahead of sleep is that the
  • Learn About Neurophysiological Disorder | Back in Control - Stage One: Fifth Step Learn about Neurophysiologic Disorder (NPD) Neurophysiologic Disorder There have been numerous terms used to describe the body's
  • Understand Interaction Between Pain, Anxiety and Anger | Back in Control - Stage 2: First Step UNDERSTAND INTERACTION BETWEEN PAIN, ANXIETY, AND ANGER Read the post Your Hand Stuck Over the Stove. There is a lot of anxiety
  • Identify Your Own Victim Role | Back in Control - Stage 2: Second Step IDENTIFY YOUR OWN VICTIM ROLE—IT IS UNIVERSAL What person or circumstance is upsetting me?  Be specific. Acknowledge that
  • Commit to Not Becoming a Victim | Back in Control - Stage Two: Third Step COMMIT TO NOT BECOMING A VICTIM Once you have a clear idea of the depth of your anger and your role of being a victim, make a
  • Take Off Your Disguises | Back in Control - Stage 2: Fourth Step TAKE OFF YOUR DISGUISES None of us like the idea that we might be playing the role of a victim.  There are many ways that we
  • Acceptance and Forgiveness | Back in Control - Stage 2: Fifth Step ACCEPTANCE AND FORGIVENESS This is the part of the DOCC project that dramatically changed when I became more aware of the role of
  • Stage 3: Go from Reactive to Creative | Back in Control - Stage 3: Go from Reactive to Creative Picture yourself climbing out of a deep crevasse, standing up, and looking around.  The ground you are standing on
  • Understand Awareness and Unawareness | Back in Control - Stage Three: First Step UNDERSTAND AWARENESS AND UNAWARENESS Understand awareness Being fully involved in the present moment There numerous tools to
  • Environmental Awareness – Active Meditation | Back in Control - Stage Three: Second Step ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS - ACTIVE MEDITATION We are a goal-oriented society that is focused outward on experiences and
  • Emotional Awareness | Back in Control - Stage Three: Third Step EMOTIONAL AWARENESS Notice and acknowledge your emotions throughout the day. We instinctively suppress anxiety, as it is so
  • Judgment / “Stories” | Back in Control - Stage Three: Fourth Step JUDGMENT / “STORIES” “He who is without fault cast the first stone.” Become aware of your judgmental nature and the power
  • Ingrained Behavioral Patterns | Back in Control - Stage Three: Fifth Step INGRAINED BEHAVIORAL PATTERNS Baseline patterns that seem normal but are dysfunctional Engage an outside party to help you see
  • Stage 4: Take Back Your Life | Back in Control - Stage 4: Take Back Your Life Many patients stop their journey at Stage 2 or 3 as their pain is essentially gone. However chronic pain sufferers usually
  • Connecting with the Life You Desire | Back in Control - Stage Four: First Step CONNECTING WITH THE LIFE YOU DESIRE When you are in chronic pain life becomes very heavy.  You evolve into a lifestyle that

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