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Guide to Dog Health Problems and Dog Health Care - Dog health made easy. Learn about traditional and natural preventatives and treatments so you can make informed decisions about your best friend's health. The latest research, treatements, dog food

  • About Me - About me: I have combined extensive research with 30+ years of experience to help solve your dog health problems.
  • Allergies in Dogs: Stop the Scratching & Licking - Triggers of allergies in dogs are many, including food and vaccinations. Learn how you and your pooch can find relief.
  • All Dog Eye Problems are Potentially Serious - Dog eye problems should not be ignored. Learn what to do if your dog's eye is blinking, watery, cloudy or red.
  • Dog Parasites Can Be Hazardous to Your Furry Friend's Health - Dog parasites like intestinal worms, mites and heart worms can cause serious health problems or even death. Here’s what you need to know to keep your dog safe.
  • Do Dog Vaccinations Cause Disease? - Core dog vaccinations are rabies, distemper and parvo virus. Some vaccines, like leptospirosis, may be more harmful than helpful.
  • Dog Health Blog - The Dog Health Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web site. Subscribe here.
  • Best Dog Health Books - Editor selected top shelf books on dog illnesses, prevention and holistic and conventional treatment.
  • Free Dog Health Library Articles - Dog Health Library offers free articles on dog health issues by veterinarians and experienced dog owners. Find the insights you need to keep your dog healthy.

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    This really is a comprehensive reference on Excel. I'm an Access VBA developer and most of my work with Excel is done in Automation. My current project, however, is with worksheets developed by power Excel users and not just simple data dumps. This information is going to help me get up to speed with the Excel UI and its features. Just started using it but I'm very impressed!

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