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  • Darlene Pearcy - My miracle relief

    I am 51 and have degenerated discs in my back and arthritus and for the last 18 months I had been taking prednisone periodically, celebrex, and hydrocodone. I also had to resort to steroid injections in my spine until the fungal meningitus scared me out of that. I was in so much pain some days, I couldn't even get in and out of bed without help or sleep at night because of the pain, let alone walk or do any kind of housework during the day. Outside of surgery I had nothing else left to try, so I decided to try these. Since I was so severe, it took about 6 weeks for me to really start noticing a difference, but once I did, it just kept getting better and better each week. I am so completely amazed at what this has done for my life, I now only take this and a celebrex every day and I function like everyone else now with very little to no pain. I have no pain in bed anymore, and I can work on projects around the house, do gardening again and even ride a horse - all with no pain. I have recommended it to several friends and I hope they have the same experience with it that I did. Being out of pain is worth any amount of money and this is a very small price for the freedom it has given me back in my life. It may not work the same for everyone, but I will vouch for the difference it has made for me for sure!


    This may not be a fair review, since I chose a color based on it having my name instead of choosing a color that I knew I would like! I chose Jessica even though it looked pretty glittery (and I hate glitter on my lips). The plumping action is obviously pretty minor: I felt a very slight tingling but I seen no juicy lips afterwards. A lot of plumping products leave my lips all red around the edges, so thankfully this didn't do the same thing since it didn't plump them at all which is a good thing I guess. When I first applied this I was satisfied since it was a nice shiny pink that still looked nice and subtle, but an hour later when I looked in the mirror....yikes! Glitter galore! The gloss itself had already worn away and what remained were 2 lips absolutely covered in silver glitter. Not a look for me at all. I am not dogging these Nyx glosses, I'll just have to pick a color that I like next time (like Elizabeth or Kim) instead of buying one based on the name alone! I'll probably repurchase a different color in the future, but these absolutely pale in comparison to the Butter Glosses (those things are heaven!).

  • JENNIFER CARNEY - but not super easy. We are rear-facing in a toyota venza

    Beautiul carseat in the red boho. Not too hard an install, but not super easy. We are rear-facing in a toyota venza. It's a tight fight, but made it work. Our 9 month old I think is a little bummed out that the head wings are so big. It makes it hard to see her forward facing brother. But safety first.