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Denali Healthcare Pain|Suboxone|MMMA|Holistic Health - Denali Healthcare offers holistic pain management, suboxone therapy, medical marijuana certification and alternative health. Call 989-339-4464 for details.

  • The Denali Healthcare Blog - Denali Healthcare Michigan - Denali Healthcare Blog- Dr. Bob Townsend and guests discuss Pain Management, Suboxone Therapy and Michigan Medical Marijuana. Best Practices and Information
  • About Denali Healthcare|Pain|Suboxone|MMMA - Learn about Denali Healthcare and Dr. Bob Townsend. We offer suboxone therapy, MMMA evaluations, and pain management the Denali way. Call today-989-339-4464
  • Dr. Robert Townsend - President of Denali Healthcare - Dr. Robert Townsend (aka Dr. Bob) is a medical marijuana certification physician and President of Denali Healthcare of Michigan. Call 989-339-4464
  • Michigan Medical Marijuana Statistics - Denali Health Care Michigan - This is a link to the Statistics Page of Michigan Medical Marijuana Forms and is the only live source of independent statistics for the MMMA
  • Denali Healthcare locations in Michigan - Denali Healthcare locations throughout Michigan are connected electronically and offer holistic pain management, suboxone therapy and mmma cards.
  • Denali Healthcare Cadillac|Michigan Pain Management|Suboxone - Denali Healthcare Cadillac offers Pain Management, Suboxone Therapy and Medical Marijuana Certification at our Mitchell Street Office. (231) 468-2945
  • Denali Healthcare Gaylord|Pain Mangement|Suboxone|MMMA - Denali Healthcare Gaylord provides Holistic Pain Management, Suboxone Therapy, and Medical Marijuana Card Evaluations in Gaylord. Call us at 989-448-2700
  • Denali Healthcare Oscoda - Denali Health Care Michigan - Obtain your Medical Marijuana Card in Oscoda, MI from Denali Healthcare Oscoda and Dr. Bob Townsend 989-339-4464
  • Denali Healthcare Grand Rapids|Pain|Suboxone|MMMA - Denali Healthcare Grand Rapids offers marijuana friendly pain management, addiction therapy and mmma cards. Call (231) 747-8408 for information and hours
  • Denali Portage|Michigan Pain Management|Suboxone|MMMA - Denali Healthcare Kalamazoo is a marijuana friendly clinic offering pain and addiction therapy, MMMA cards, acupuncture and massage therapy (269) 216-7544
  • Denali Marquette Pain Clinic |Suboxone| MMMA - Denali Healthcare Marquette Pain Clinic, Suboxone Therapy, Medical Marijuana Certification offers a Holistic Approach to Pain Management. Call 906-203-8087
  • Denali Healthcare Houghton - Denali Health Care Michigan - Obtain your Medical Marijuana Card in Houghton, MI from Denali Healthcare Houghton and Dr. Bob Townsend 906-203-8087
  • Denali Healthcare Iron Mountain - Denali Health Care Michigan - Obtain your Medical Marijuana Card in Iron Mountain, MI from Denali Healthcare Iron Mountain and Dr. Bob Townsend 906-203-8087
  • Denali Healthcare Mt. Pleasant Mi. Clinic|Suboxone|MMMA - Denali Healthcare Mt. Pleasant offers marijuana friendly pain management services, suboxone therapy and medical marijuana certifications. Call 989-339-4464
  • Denali Healthcare Omer - Denali Health Care Michigan - Obtain your Medical Marijuana Card in Omer, MI from Denali Healthcare Omer and Dr. Bob Townsend 989-339-4464
  • Denali Healthcare Traverse City, MI: |Pain|Suboxone|MMMA - Denali Healthcare Traverse City offers pain management, suboxone, and medical marijuana certifications with a bonafide relationship. Call 989-339-4464
  • Holistic Pain Management, Suboxone, Marijuana Services - Denali Healthcare Services include Pain Management, Suboxone Therapy, and Professional Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Services- Call 989-339-4464
  • Addiction Therapy at Denali - Denali Health Care Michigan - At Denali Healthcare we recognize that addiction is a treatable illness, not a character flaw.  Start your recovery with Denali. Call 989-339-4464
  • Suboxone Therapy, Detox Treatment, Drug Addiction - Denali Healthcare helps those addicted to narcotics with a marijuana friendly suboxone therapy clinic, we are located throughout Michigan. Call 989-339-4464
  • Vivitrol for Narcotic Addiction and Alcoholism - Vivitrol is effective for the treatment narcotic addiction and alcoholism. Cravings are significantly reduced and narcotics are blocked.
  • Acamprosate (Campral) for Alcoholism - Acamprosate has been used in Europe for the treatment of alcohol dependency since 1989. In 2004 it became the third drug to receive approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for this indication, following disulfiram (Antabuse) and naltrexone (ReVia).
  • Medical Marijuana Certification/Michigan Medical Marijuana - Denali Healthcare offers evaluations for Michigan Medical Marijuana Cards under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws. Call 989-339-4464 for details.
  • Strain Guide Courtesy of Leafly - Denali Health Care Michigan - This is the leafly strain guide, a very useful tool with over 1000 strains, reviews and medical effects. Provided as a courtesy by Denali Healthcare of MI
  • Useful Websites for Medical Marijuana - Denali Healthcare maintains this list of useful websites for medical marijuana patients. It is updated frequently.
  • Denali Holistic Health - Denali Health Care Michigan - Denali Healthcare offers holistic health services, both within our practice and with selected independent practices. Call 989-339-4464 for information.
  • Denali Healthcare: Contact Us, Pain Management, Suboxone - Contact us today to set up an appointment with Denali Healthcare for your pain management, suboxone therapy, and medical marijuana certification needs.
  • Patient Follow Up On-Line with Denali Healthcare Michigan - Follow up on your medical marijuana certification is easy with Denali Healthcare- Just fill out our update and submit for review and inclusion in your chart

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  • R. Kaiser - Good tips, but a biased perspective

    There is a lot I love about the book. However, there is more than a little leakage on his negative impression of the Church. Just a bit too much judgement for my part. Enjoyed the tips, used it, but it is now in the trash after I read it more carefully. It is too easy to judge people from centuries past with a modern liberal bias. If that were missing, it would have been perfect, but I found it irritating enough to come leave a comment.

  • Mike M - A followup.

    (My original review did not publish) I may have misspoke . The screen is resistive vice capacitive and I knew that. But just like other reviews, it is way too difficult to use. I expect to touch ---not have to mash fingertip in multiple places trying to find just the RIGHT spot.Even when you get the right spot, the response is usually very delayed. An impossible tablet to work with. Reading other reviews, evidently at least a couple of others had good experiences.

  • Peter Griffin - "Don't worry, Blizzard NEVER screws games up!"

    ... that's what my friends said to me when I was worried that the new skill system Blizzard was working on might not be a too bright idea. Well, turns out they were wrong. Very wrong.