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  • Evan Sims - The BlackWidow X TE exceeded my expectations

    I love my BlackWidow X Tournament Edition! Having used Cherry MX Blues for nearly the last 10 years, the Razer Green switches have a very familiar feel and sound to them. Felt immediately at home having come from using a Cherry MX Blue ten-keyless for the last 4 years. The colors are bright and beautiful and highly configurable. I love the Overwatch profile, which lights up and animates when your Q/Ultimate is available, among other things.

  • Pen Name - contracted malware while installed.

    I had avast on my computer and contracted a vicious malware that is annoying as hell. I called customer support and they wanted $150 to remove it. I think this proves my point. Anti virus software manufactures are the virus creators. Talk about job security. Avast can kiss my A$&.

  • Littlesister - Good excising tape Juillian encourages you as you exercise.

    Juillian michaels is a good encourager in this tape. I hadn't ex cerise in a long time like most of America and I am out of shape. I notice on the biggest loser she cares I joined her web for hr to help me lose 50 pounds so I purchase some of hr easier tapes to start with and I love using my wii to excise to excise with her is such an encouragement.

  • rrsflorida - Worked for a few weeks - then nothing

    We had good success for a little over a month but they are now totally ineffective. Just returned from the groomer who works in one of the large pet supply chains. She told us that many people are returning them and the chain is accepting returns since they obviously do not last more than a month or so, let alone the eight months claimed by the seller.

  • Richard Herniman - the lost fleet

    I have had the pleasure of reading all 5book in the lost fleet collection and i am very hopeful the series will continue. My only comment is that i cannot put my reader down once i start. it is addictive

  • Psychanalyst717 - **WARNING** DOES NOT COVER HONG KONG!!!

    Imagine my shock and horror, when, with bated breath and supple bottom I turned the pages of the long awaited, 2009-2014 Outlook for Wood Toilet Seats in Greater China...only to find that this self proclaimed "Guide of potential industry earnings (P.I.E.) or total revenues" overlooked a projection for Hong Kong. If this is indeed your obsession (as it is mine), I instead suggest "2008-2012 Overview of Wood and Other Hard Material Toilet Seats in Southern China, Canton and Hong Kong", the timeless masterpiece by Wen Chow Zhou. Alas, we will have to wait for another to update the overview (Zhou's concludes with November 26, 2012) for Master Zhou's life was shortened by a venereal disease he contracted by sitting on a...oh, nevermind.

  • Kathryn Lane - great guide

    great guide for the real dummy in me. Easy to follow instructions, Took an advanced class and fit right in.