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Accueil - Vous voulez apprendre à danser ? Découvrez les différentes danses de salon et de société chez l'école Yann Le Mouroux à Nantes : rock, salsa, cha cha, valse, tango, west coast swing, paso doble, samba, rumba, quickstep...

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 1.4708 Upper Garonne, France

  • Jenny B. - Miracle worker for me

    I coldnt be more satisfied! My skin is glowimg, acne cleared up, hair is shiny, and my thumb nail thats been splitting has completely healed! I've tried various skin, hair, nails formulations and nothing worked.


    The Can-Gun seems well built. At first I was afraid it would break putting a can on and off as it is a tight fit. I was wrong, I've fired about 10 cars of various sprays through this so far and no issues whatsoever. My thumb is definitely happy.

  • Kitchen goddess - Stick with topical flea and tick

    I am not a fan of flea and tick meds as they are essentially poisoning the kidneys and livers of dogs, but they are a necessary evil. I used frontline topical flea and tick meds on my dogs for years and have yet to have a problem with them. I decided to try these flea and tick collars out at the advice of my vet. My dog developed alopecia immediately ( within a week of putting the collar on her) on her tail and her personality has changed. As a vet student myself, I just don't feel that enough research has been done with these collars. That being said, any dog can potentially have a reaction to ANY medicine. This is an individual situation. I will be switching back to topical for now.

  • Claws-out-CHEERLESDER - Five Stars

    Awesome light. Quiet, powerful and productive. Power consumption is worlds lower than other types of lights.

  • Maranda - Great Shea Butter For Your Lotions!

    I purchased Pure Shea Butter to make great skin healing lotions. If you want it for healing make sure you use raw and unrefined shea. I included a recipe I like to make for my skin.

  • Amazon Customer - If you dont buy it you're like tue flyers... you suck

    Must have for pens fans. Great production. I couldn't wait until next season to see the penguins kick butt again. Nice in blu ray. Cool special features

  • J. Smiley - Keeps skin Hydrated!

    I have very dry skin and if you use this along with the other products it really keeps my face from drying up. I really recommend it for anyone looking for a natural solution. :-)