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Country:, Africa, SC

City: 55.6667 , Seychelles

  • Rich M - Bought this as a replacement for the TreadDesk

    As probably one of the few people who has spent $2500 on treadmills for treadmill desks, and has used both the TreadDesk tread and the iMovR ThermoTread GT, I will tell you that I love having a treadmill desk and when my treadmill broke, I immediately gained 30lbs in the subsequent 5 months. For me, working while walking has been great.

  • Michael K. Lawson - Worse, my wife had an allergic reaction to the ...

    Didn't work. The mice continued to come into my RV. The bags had mouse poo on they where they had walked over them. Worse, my wife had an allergic reaction to the odor, and I had to stop and get her out because her throat was swelling.

  • Ty A. Wyatt Sr. - Making Life Easier!

    Extremely versatile tool. I am especially impressed at how it cuts through lathe and plaster, and contains the mess that that creates.

  • Robin Hollis - No nono

    This is just a shaver. It's not the patented technology light to slow down or stop hair regrowth. The light is just a light. I have shavers that do a better job from Walmart. Something the yes does to the hair follicles when shaving, caused me to have a lot of ingrown hairs on my chin and lip. This doesn't happen with the other shavers. That is how I know it is a result of the yes shaver.

  • Kara T. - After 18 months, still loving it...

    I've been intentionally holding off on writing this review because I guess I just keep thinking that I will find something wrong with this stroller. But even after 18 months, I still totally love it and it is such high quality that it still looks almost brand new. My absolute favorite thing about this stroller is that I truly see it as an investment, and really don't see the need of ever buying another type of stroller ever again (except for the smaller umbrella stroller--also an Uppababy--that we bought to keep in my husbands smaller sedan). This stroller has so many customizable features that I think it can really grow with our family. It has served so many purposes for us so far--when my daughter was an infant, it was her away from home bassinet to sleep in and an easy snap-and-go alternative by adding the car seat frame. Now, it is our "home" stroller and used pretty much daily. When we decide to add to our family with another baby, I love that this will easily convert into a double stroller by adding the rumble seat and we can also add the ride-on platform for additional flexibility.

  • carla davidson - Very helpful and informative.

    I bought this for my granddaughter. She found this very helpful in preparing tor the ACT. It was a good purchase.

  • miguel orellana - great buy

    I only just got this product because Brasso wasn't doing the job, and some coworkers suggested it to me. It's amazing how a little goes a long way with this. If I ever do run out, I'll definitely pick some more up.