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  • Whitney D Brewer - long and boreing

    Im bored within a minnute of this game. It made Daisy Fuentes Pilates seem fun. It is badly organized, boreing, and unmotivating. Its probably the cheapest game I've gotten for the wii, and I overpaid.

  • mama - Wow!

    I can't believe how many things this watch can do! Fun games, tells time, and it has a camera that takes pictures and videos. My just turned 4 year old is entranced. It's very intuitive... He figured it all out on his own.

  • bryce - Way better than expected for my short haired dogs!

    I'll be honest.. I was not expecting this to really work, and it kinda looks like some sort of medevil torture device! I was up late one night after cleaning a ton that day, and I saw a clump of animal fur blow by in the kitchen.... seriously? how is there that much hair after vacuuming and sweeping and moping??? Granted there are 2 dogs and 2 cats in this house, but that is just ridiculous. Annoyed I went to play on facebook and there was an add for this brush. I wanted amazed at all the fur they were getting off of the animals.. Surely this was the answer to my prayers! I ordered it at 2 am in the morning!

  • Tim Bramble - A beautiful piece, too bad it is hidden behind the ...

    A beautiful piece, too bad it is hidden behind the fuel door! I removed the tether from the truck and carefully worked it off the old cap and popped it easily onto the new one. Then popped the tether back onto the truck. Seals tightly and adds a touch of class to the fuel bay.

  • Soupie - Buy these books yearly

    I wish these books were not so heavy and cumbersome but at least last year removing the coupons prior to using was begun. I only use a few of the coupons and they are all used in Las Vegas. I do little more than break even on the purchase price versus the use of the value of the coupons. Unfortunately some of the casinos allow only one coupon per year for payback of money paid at a slot machine. That seems unfair if you own more than one book. Of course, casinos often do not renew their participation in the book and when it is a coupon you like, disappointing. Oh, if only it were a perfect world!

  • A. Smith - Not as good as I remembered

    The articles in the front section are pretty good, significantly better than the ones in the 2011 edition. I haven't tried the "webinar" yet.

  • Richard G. Cunningham - Works great.

    Other posts said it "sings" and not to leave it on all the time. I have not noticed this at all. No noise from it. Works great.