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  • Dave Kuper - Not What I Thought (or hoped for) At All.

    Eggs sliding around in the pan as if on air - B.S. I received the pan and learned that the effective cooking area in the 9.5" pan is actually about 6" so enough room to cook an egg.

  • Alice - Wide variety of humor

    This calendar is amusing with a wide variety of humor. This year is a slightly updated design, with a more modern and sleek look which is nice. They did away with the back pages, which is sad-- the quizzes and brainteasers were entertaining (though the lists for babysitters and what to buy on sale when were exceptionally lame). I would love to see them add separate entries for Saturday and Sunday.

  • Nitrous McBread - I am typing this with my antennae

    Since buying this product from Amazon I am now invincible at croquet and can sing all of Andy Williams' songs (since 1974) at the same time. What's more, I'm able to change night into day with a small shake of my mandibles, and have just worked out how to make cheese on toast levitate. I would write more, but I'm needed in the ionosphere.

  • Penny Brewer - Creative cloud membership

    I was skeptical about paying for a membership instead of just purchasing the Creative Suite as I had in the past, but it has turned out to be a really good experience. In a business environment anything can happen, and I have had to change computers 3 times since I purchased the membership. Moving my applications to the new machine was as simple as uninstalling them from one and logging in and downloading and installing them on the new machine. Plus I get constant software updates and good support. It will take two years for my membership to equal the cost of purchasing the Suite outright and I suspect that a new version will be available by then.