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  • ChainsawNuts - I cannot believe it works but I guess it does

    I spread this around my yard and deep into holes that I think might be snake holes. I did not see any snake since. Of course they are hibernating now. I will probably buy again. A friend told me you can just use moth balls (which are a lot cheaper). And this product, to my nose, smells a lot like moth balls. But from viewing it, it seems to have much more in it.

  • Danielle - Not helpful enough for me

    While I do not feel this supplement helped with my mood swings due to PMDD (which is what I was hoping for) it did make my period less heavy. Generally my period lasts 4 days with one ridiculously heavy day in the middle. The 2 months I took video I had 5 to 6 light/regular days instead. Not sure if it's worth it for me since I'm on a lot of other meds for an autoimmune disease, and I need better results to justify adding yet another pill to the regime. Plus though I didn't find it to be unpleasant I will mention these pills smell like catnip to me. Maybe it's juat an herbal thing as I haven't tried many other herbal supplements in the past?

  • P. J. Huber - good transaction very satisfied

    Local stores had run out of this item. I was able to get this one for the same price. very pleased with quality and turn around. no negative issues.

  • D. E. Floyd - At first I was suspicious, but Microsoft confirmed legitimate

    I got an outstanding price on this item. Since it said "Academic Student Edition" in the disk, I thought it was an academic license. It was not. Microsoft confirmed that it was a legitimate license for all types of usage including business use.

  • Steven L - Awesome Hair Putty at an Awesome Price

    Old Spice stuck to their traditional red, black, and gold packaging, which looks classy and luxurious.The result is a naturally-feeling, light hold, texturizing look that is great for guys who want this. The shine levels (matte vs. shiny) are noticeably different, so at least this makes sense, but for the most part if you use the Old Spice hair styling products you’re going to get a natural-feeling light hold–regardless of what you use.

  • Big T - Strong Root Growth

    If your trying to green your yard rapidly, this product will not do the trick. If your wanting to help your root system expand, strengthen, and have a more green and thick result over the long haul, this product is your ticket....