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  • Shelley McDonald - ACT preparation

    I believe this is my first time looking at an ACT prep guide, and the it's the only one I've seen by ACT. I assume that a guide by the test makers is accurate and helpful. It is quite similar to the Kaplan and Barron's test prep books I've studied for other exams, such as the SAT.

  • Donna - It is very easy to install and works as intended

    The product is as stated. It kind of reminds me of a shade that you pull down. It is very easy to install and works as intended!

  • ArtWork - perfect fit. and fast delivery time

    installed with ease, perfect fit. and fast delivery time. best and better price then the dealership.

  • Matthew V. Carrasquillo - Great site!

    I really need to stop spending money! Great site takes a few weeks to finally get what you ordered but it's usually worth it. There really needs to be more detail in the item description though there are a few things were all they give you is a picture and a few words to describe it, no size, weight, etc, etc.

  • awNY - Not bad for its price but not a quality device

    The iRuLu is perfect for viewing websites, checking e-mails, Netflix/Youtube, and even playing games that aren't memory intensive.