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Charbon végétal : soignez-vous avec le charbon végétal - Charbon végétal : désintoxiquant et adsorbant naturel utilisé depuis la nuit des temps. Produit efficace pour remettre son organisme en bonne santé.

  • Comment fonctionne le charbon actif ? - Charbon actif : produit qui possède des capacités d'absorption hors normes. Il peut traiter les problèmes intestinaux ou encore supprimer la mauvaise haleine.
  • Comment, quand et pourquoi prendre le charbon végétal? - Comment, quand et pourquoi prendre le charbon végétal? Voici toutes les informations sur la consommation du charbon végétal.
  • Charbon de Belloc : tout sur le charbon de belloc - Charbon de Belloc : la particularité du charbon de belloc réside dans sa capacité à lutter contre tout type d’intoxication en absorbant la substance toxique.

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  • Bugga - Odor gone...when used as directed!

    In order to get rid of the urine odor, I followed the directions by placing grocery store plastic bags over the Urine Off overnight. It's remarkable how this stuff works. I've tried Nature's Miracle. It doesn't come close. (If you're looking for an excellent stain cleaner for fresh accidents, Woolite Pet spray with Oxy is THE best.)

  • Tony - Printmaster 2012 Platinum

    I have had Printmaster programs in the past without any problems. But this version is by far makes up for that. I had trouble just getting to in stall the program. I discovered that there is a problem with Java Virtual Machine. Trying to contact customer service was very difficult. There was no answer or the message said they were not open. This was in the middle of their posted business hours. I will think long before I use Printmaster again.

  • LoveGoddess - works great as a part of a whole treatment for home ground all your stuff and pets

    work really well but it depends on how bad you have them this isn't a fix all in most cases you will be having to spray your ground bomb your home and while bombing you would have to flea dip and bath and dry and add these because if you wait to long there everywhere and that is the only way I know to get rid of them must treat everywhere because they don't just stay on your pets there on you and everyone else and everywhere in your home including your yard I am just saying by my experience this can be really hard to get rid of if you don't do it right !

  • Perfect Sound - Two Stars

    It says that this is Latin American Spanish, but it castillia and pronunciation is not right for latin america.

  • Amazon Customer - I can't imagine why Leatherman decided to quit making this ...

    I can't imagine why Leatherman decided to quit making this one, it has what I want without a lot of extraneous 'stuff'