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Copernicus Group Independent Review Board - CGIRB is a fully accredited independent institutional review board based in Durham, N.C. CGIRB’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the rights and welfare of human research subjects are protected.

  • Contact Copernicus Group IRB - Located in Durham, N.C., CGIRB can be reached at 919-465-4310 or [email protected].
  • CGIRB mission, vision and values - Copernicus Group IRB's mission is to protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects involved in clinical trials.
  • Copernicus Group IRB leadership team - The CGIRB leadership team includes some of the top names in the institutional review board industry, including CEO Bruce Tomason.
  • Careers at Copernicus Group IRB - CGIRB aims to recruit and hire a diverse workforce that can apply unique perspectives to assist the Board in protecting human subjects.
  • Copernicus Group IRB corporate culture - CGIRB provides quality service for our clients by fostering an environment that values diversity and a work/life balance.
  • Copernicus Group IRB quality policy - The scope of CGIRB's business activity is to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects involved in clinical research trials.
  • Copernicus Group IRB location and directions - CGIRB is located at 1 Triangle Drive, Suite 100, Durham, NC, 27713. Email [email protected] or call 919-465-4310 for more information.
  • Copernicus Group IRB services - IRB services offered by CGIRB, an independent institutional review board based in Durham, N.C.
  • Copernicus Group IRB submission information - Information and forms to be included with IRB submissions to CGIRB, an independent institutional review board dealing with the protection of human subjects.
  • Copernicus Group IRB fee schedule request - Request information on IRB fees charged by CGIRB, an independent institutional review board.
  • Copernicus Group IRB board review and actions - Full board review actions taken in the IRB approval process by CGIRB, an independent institutional review board, including IRB expedited review.
  • Copernicus Group IRB translation services - Translated subject information, consent forms and other documents are offered by CGIRB, an independent institutional review board.
  • Copernicus Group IRB compliance statement - CGIRB, an independent institutional review board, is organized and operates in compliance with guidelines for good clinical practice and application federal requirements for the protection of human research subjects.
  • Copernicus Group IRB meeting schedule - CGIRB, an independent institutional review board, typically holds two meetings per week. Download our IRB meeting schedule and membership roster here.
  • Copernicus Group IRB membership roster - Download the membership roster for CGIRB, an independent institutional review board dedicated to human research subject protection.
  • What clinical trial subjects should know - Information for potential participants in human clinical trials, from CGIRB, an independent institutional review board.
  • Deciding to participate in a clinical trial - Things you should take into account before joining a clinical trial, from CGIRB, an independent institutional review board.
  • Experimental subject's bill of rights - Your rights as a participant in a human clinical trial, from CGIRB, an independent institutional review board.
  • Who protects human research subjects? - Institutional review boards, like Copernicus Group IRB, are key links in the protection of human research subjects.
  • Regulatory guidance from Copernicus Group IRB - Title 21 and Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations apply to the protection of human subjects and institutional review boards.
  • Resources for human research subjects - Copernicus Group IRB's list of suggested reading for human research subjects, including the Belmont Report.
  • Copernicus Group IRB investigator home - CGIRB helps investigators better understand the responsibilities involved with clinical trials and the role IRBs play in the clinical trial process.

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