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Home - CCSVI Alliance is dedicated to educating patients with research-based information, providing tools for patients to advocate for themselves, and supporting medical professionals\' exploration of Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI)

  • What is CCSVI - Information about Chronic Cerebropinal Venous Insufficiency, CCSVI, a condition where people have obstructed blood flow in the veins that drain in the central nervous system
  • History and Timeline - The History and Timeline on the hypothesis that MS has a fundamental vascular component
  • Video Gallery - Various informational videos about CCSVI including interviews with Dr Michael Dake, Mr Mark Haacke, and Dr Fabrizio Salvi
  • Treatment Risks - Addressing misinformation that has characteriezed discussions of CCSVI treatment risks
  • Finding Treatment Providers - Finding Physicians currently providing endoscaular treatment for patients with CCSVI

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  • Charlie - Confusing and Frustraiting

    I agree with Frozen Toes. I'm currently using this book for an intro computer course which is required before I can take PhotoShop. I have some practical experience with computers but nothing formal.

  • a fellow seer - I started with 2012 edition and have purchased the 2013. Only problem with Kaspersky is dealing with them direct

    I have tried submitting my questions to them at the Kaspersky website, and they take several days to reply, sometimes longer. A couple of months before my 2012 edition was to end, I had gotten a pop up from Kaspersky saying to "upgrade" to 2013 "for free". Their words, not mine. I clicked yes, and all I saw was that the Kaspersky logo changed from 2012 to 2013. I was thinking, wow, this is great, a free upgrade for those customers who took the leap and bought their product, what a nice thing for them to do to keep goodwill going and keep customers coming back! Instead, it turns out it was not the truth - a week or so before the old 2012 was to expire, I kept getting pop up notices that it was about to expire. I'm like WHAT? So I wrote, and thought maybe this was a glitch or just something that is sent out regardless. Turns out that both my replies came days if not weeks after I inquired, and the only answer I got was about the license. The company nor its customer service, never addressed the whole "free upgrade" and what that was about. Just simply it was to "update" the database that the program checks your computer for viruses. I advised that calling it an upgrade is misleading and implied that we were getting a new edition based on our customer loyalty. So much for that, I'm sure the Kaspersky gang was laughing at that one. Such a silly concept. In any case, I had read so many people had problems ordering direct through them that I again went through Amazon to order the 2013 edition and just register the product key at their website under my account. I think Kaspersky doesn't care, and let's the product speak for itself. That aside,since using the 2012 product, I have had very little virus issue with my computer and cleaning the computer of viruses has been a very easy step by step process for someone like me who is not advanced computer literate. It also helps to be cautious about what sites you visit online, and that you clear your computer daily and backup at least once a week.

  • DangerrD - Reception Not as Good as the OEM antenna.

    I got this antenna because the OEM antenna on my FJ Cruiser hitting all the low branches and my garage door as well as constantly getting loose.

  • paul - Not bad. You just dont only use spray.

    You can't just spray and think they're going to die. Remove everything out of each room and spray the entire house for 3-4 weeks until bugs are gone. Vacuum, steam, and spray pillows and beds and cover with bed bugs cases. Don't bring anything back into the house until you go 2 weeks without seeing one. Then wash and dry ALL clothing before you bring them in the house.

  • Music29418 - Publisher

    Publisher is my favorite program to work in. I use it at work, at home, and at church. It's also user friendly and I would recommend this program to all of those who work in the office or for those who work with websites.

  • J. J. - This stuff taste awful.

    They said bubble gum? A friend of mine told me about this stuff and I just ordered it without reading the description. Yuck taste like wax. This product was as misleading as that other nasty jam, KY Jelly. You know that stuff isn't really jelly at all? It's something to grease your ball bearings with or something. But I didn't find out until I ruined what could have been a perfectly good peanut butter sandwich. Anyone have any other tastey treat ideas they would like to give me?