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Verslavingszorg & Afkickkliniek | Alcohol & Drugs | Castle Craig - Castle Craig is specialist op het gebied van verslaving. Ambulant & Klinisch. Uitstekende reviews, vergoed door de zorgverzekeraar.

  • Verslaving herkennen en soorten verslaving | Castle Craig - Castle Craig over verslaving aan drugs zoals alcohol, cocaïne, medicijnen en meer. Info afkomstig van onze therapeuten.
  • Onze Verslavingszorg | Ambulant of in de Verslavingskliniek - Meer informatie over onze zorg: ambulante & klinische behandeling voor verslaving aan alcohol & drugs.
  • Vergoedingen voor behandeling voor verslaving | Castle Craig Verslavingszorg - Bijna alle zorgverzekeraars geven een volledige vergoeding voor de behandeling voor verslaving van Castle Craig. Zie hier of uw verzekeraar onze zorg vergoedt.
  • Over ons | Castle Craig Verslavingszorg - Alle informatie over Castle Craig Nederland, voor behandeling van verslavingen zoals alcoholisme of drugsverslavingen.
  • Contact opnemen met Castle Craig | Behandeling van Verslaving - Castle Craig behandelt verslavingen. Neem contact op met Castle Craig Nederland: e-mail of bel ons direct.
  • Smarmore Castle Private Clinic | Castle Craig Nederland - Smarmore Castle is een privé kliniek die alcohol en drugsverslaving behandelt en is opgericht om een veilige, heilzame omgeving te bieden waar patiënten onder professionele begeleiding kunnen
  • Informatie aanvragen over verslavingen - Castle Craig Nederland - Contact - Informatie aanvragen over verslavingen en behandeling van verslaving bij Castle Craig Nederland U kunt ook direct telefonisch contact opnemen.
  • Aanmelding voor behandeling - Castle Craig - Aanmelding behandeling verslaving Castle Craig Nederland - Neem direct contact op met castlecraig voor meer informatie over verslavingen
  • Laat u terugbellen door een therapeut | Castle Craig - Laat uw telefoonnummer achter bij Castle Craig Nederland en wij bellen u terug. Castle Craig Nederland hulp bij verslaving
  • Aanmelding en intake | Castle Craig Verslavingszorg / Afkickkliniek - Aanmelden bij Castle Craig. Behandeling wordt door de zorgverzekeraar vergoed.
  • Behandellocaties Den Haag | Castle Craig Nederland - Banner image:  Onze verslavingsklinieken in Den HaagBehandellocatie Castle Craig Den HaagWassenaarseweg 33 - 2596
  • Locatie Amsterdam | Castle Craig Verslavingszorg - Informatie, route, routebschrijving naar Castle Craig Amsterdam. Castle Craig is een instelling in de verslavingszorg
  • Behandellocatie Rotterdam | Castle Craig Nederland - Banner image:  Castle Craig RotterdamK.P. van der Mandelelaan 903062 MB RotterdamOnze behandellocatie in RotterdamHet behandelteam
  • Klinische behandeling in onze verslavingskliniek | Castle Craig - Verslavingskliniek Castle Craig Hospital, het beroemde instituut in Schotland. Behoort tot de beste afkickklinieken ter wereld. Uitstekende resultaten.
  • Ambulante Behandeling | Castle Craig Verslaving GGZ - Ambulante behandelingen van Castle Craig in Nederland. Dagbehandelingen, eHealth, familieworkshops.
  • Onze eHealth behandeling: blended care | Castle Craig Nederland - Blended CareCastle Craig Nederland biedt delen van de ambulante behandeling online aan. Dit is zogeheten blended care, een mix van online behandeling en face to face gesprekken op een van onze

    Country:, Europe, NL

    City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Derek Fogarty - Perfect For 1/4 acre yard and Under Playsets

    I was looking for something to replace a gas trimmer for my 1/4 acre city lot. The gas trimmer was loud and too much of a beast for what I needed in a trimmer. The Worx 2.0 is exactly what I was looking for....quiet, battery-operated with the capability of edging and trimming. The best part for me is the added benefit of it being a mini mower, which is perfect for mowing the grass under and around our playset and shed. After a month of use, I have nothing bad to say about this's perfect for my size lawn and for what I need it to do.

  • Knuckles - Luggage Racks OE Style

    I bought these for my 2014 Grand. The quality is great and the installation was fairly easy. Watch out not to strip the hex nuts as this can happen easily (as others have said). My biggest complaint is the wind noise! After about 35 MPH +, you get a howling noise which is VERY audible. I don't have a sunroof and can easily hear it. I might try rotating them around to see if this helps but probably not. I might return them or keep them but just take them off when not needed.

  • Eileen in CA - I am a Wen Convert!

    Ever since I ordered this first Wen product, I have been a Wen convert! I have dry, stringy, straight long hair and have tried numerous shampoos. My habit was to always be sending off for free samples, so I was always trying different brands. I never really noticed much difference. However, after trying Wen just once, I immediately noticed my hair clean, shiny, FULL and thick. It looks so healthy! I don't understand how it can be both silky and have so much body. It has also taken away the frizz and static cling also. I have ONLY used Wen since then, it is well worth the cost. I also converted some family members and friends to Wen, everyone is pleased!

  • voter - not what I expected

    I can't complain about the quality of the binder itself but I was disappointed when I discovered that there where absolutely no women inside. This resulted in a huge set back for my company as we had no idea where to turn to find women other than a binder. One of my colleagues suggested we try pencil cups but it turned out that they were already filled with men. If anyone has any idea where to find women your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

  • Kenneth - Imploding Kitten card missing?

    Was happy to see that the item has arrived! However, upon further inspection I realized there was only 19 cards found on my expansion and there was one card missing. The actual imploding kitten card itself. I'm sure most copies are fine I just happened to be an unlucky one. However, I can not rate this higher if the signature card is missing.

  • Skillplane - It works!

    This is a good tea if you have *anxiety*--insomnia producing or not. Chamomile has a chemical compound called apigenin, which is a ligand (activator) of GABAa receptors. GABA is a neurotransmitter, inhibitory in nature, and acts to put the brakes on in your brain (so to speak). Benzodiazepines (Valium, Ativan etc), act as GABAa agonists. Thus, pharmocologically, chamomile has an identical effect on the brain as a very strong class of anti-anxiety drugs. In principal, if you take enough chamomile, you will actually match the level of anxiety reduction found in said drugs and have the same addiction and rebound potentials. That being said, you'd be drinking a LOT of tea to do it. Nevertheless, chamomile in this tea has an active, pharmacologically based mechanism by which it reduces anxiety and tension. Similarly, tilia flowers are anti-psychoneurotic, but they have been less studied. Be aware, if you take ANY prescription drugs, that apigenin inhibits CYP2C9, which is an enzyme that metabolizes certain drugs. Thus, ask your doctor first if you're taking anything. All in all, I find this tea very useful. I tend to steep for a very long time and add ice both so I fully extract the medicinal components of the tea, and because I don't find scalding beverages relaxing. But obviously to each their own. If you're trying to find something to calm you down, this will work. Your results will vary based on steep time, number of bags you use, your body weight, and the permiability of your digestive tract. Now stop reading this and buy the freaking tea.

  • Stephzilla - Great!

    This is the album diehard fans knew she was capable of. Totally different from her previous works, each song brings something different, and she has a lot to say. Great!