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Comparateur placements épargne, bourse, assurance vie - La mission de Capitaine Epargne est de comparer les meilleures offres de placements en livret d'épargne, bourse et assurance vie.

  • Bourse - La mission de Capitaine Epargne est de comparer les meilleures offres de placements et vous proposer le meilleur livret d'épargne, le meilleur placement en bourse et la meilleure assurance vie.
  • Epargne des français : retour sur l'année 2015 - - Comment est composé l'épargne des français ? Quel est le comportement des français face à l'épargne ? Comment se situent par rapport aux européens ?
  • Assurance vie Crédit Agricole : que vaut elle vraiment ? - - L'assurance vie Crédit Agricole propose de nombreuses solutions de placement que nous avons comparées aux meilleures offres du marché
  • Guide de l'épargne : conseils, comparaison et évaluation - - Notre guide de l'épargne permet d'obtenir un comparatif des meilleurs livrets, assurances vie et frais d'investissement en bourse.
  • Le rendement des fonds euros en danger ? - - En 2016, ce placement de choix a toujours les faveurs des Français mais celui-ci pourrait bien voir son rendement des fonds en euros fléchir

    Country:, Europe, FR

    City: 2.3387 , France

  • marintravelbuff - Wet & Forget - Rid Yourself of Pesky Moss & Mold!

    We had a very wet winter in Northern California last year and the moss build-up on our front steps was out of control. Moss can make stairs and sidewalks very slippery. So I was determined to correct the situation before someone fell and got hurt.

  • Mrs wojtk - Too easily fit woohoo results but can tell a difference

    So far so good..I'm on day 2 and my husband has been using it for a month now. He's lost weight but we don't have a scale to know exactly how much but he did go from a size 38 to a size 36 in pants. We both eat less and I don't crave bad food either (I know..only 2 days but still..I always crave sugar and junk food..I have brownies and rice crispy treats in my house and no desire for them! Woohoo) will update when is been longer for me :)

  • Jacob - Works perfectly on sensitive skin

    I have sensitive skin, so don’t usually go around trying out products. I found this serum and realized that it works perfectly on sensitive skin. I haven’t changed my eye serum ever since.

  • J. Dunsmore - Great game!

    Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2012 w/ Top Shot Elite is a terrific game. Great fun to play and great graphics. Bought this for our grandson for Christmas. He plays it all the time. Highly recommend this game.

  • Steve B. - The worst edition yet! Wish I could give zero stars.

    I use QuickBooks to manage my company's books, and I expected Intuit to build a tight interface between QB and TurboTax. I was wrong. It doesn't even import data correctly from QB. I have spent hours this year just combing through my returns to find and fix the mistakes made by TurboTax. One example is the calculation for Cost of Goods Sold. After importing the data from QuickBooks I noticed that the COGS reported in Turbo tax was different than for QuickBooks. After some sleuthing, I discovered that TurboTax was importing the COGS result from Quickbooks, and then using that number as the "Cost of purchased Items' value in a new COGS calculation. This generates an error equal to the difference between your starting and ending inventory. That's a pretty basic calculation - Getting it wrong is unforgivable. I've had issues with Turbotax Business in the past. Every year I hope it gets better, but it always seems to get worse. I'm done with TT. Next year I'm going to find a different brand of software.

  • MommypantsPA - The Best!

    Anyone who has a candida overgrowth needs to use this. ReNew Life products are the best I've found. I love it!

  • Marilyn Taylor - I love holy basil as it helps with my adhd & ...

    really helps me relax, I love holy basil as it helps with my adhd & helps me to get a good nights rest.