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  • Ann del Rio - I have loved these tabs more than any I have used over ...

    I have loved these tabs more than any I have used over the past 35 years. They are individually wrapped, so I don't get such a harsh whiff of chlorine when opening the bucket. They are long lasting and make the water sparkle.

  • timsmom2010 - This one works way better.

    Did not work for me? My hair seems to be stiff with this product. I will stick to using Oosis Magic. This one works way better.

  • Tracey Brackett-Ross - Didn't Work for Me

    I was able to buy the Tummy Tuck System at my local Bed, Bath & Beyond and was glad that I didn't have to make the financial commitment and pay shipping & handling charges. I followed the instructions to the letter for thirty (30) days. I exercise about three to four times a week anyway, and just kept up my usual routine. I measured myself on the day I started the system and saw absolutely no results on the thirtieth day. I tried calling the toll free number given on the commercials, but it's automated and you cannot get to a real person. I even did the "Contact Us" thing on their website in an attempt to let them know that it didn't work for me. You would think that since they "guarantee results or your money back", you would have access to something or someone that will listen to you and refund your money. But, no one responded to my email. Why in the world I get caught up in these scams is beyond me. But, I'm just another one of their suckers. I kept the receipt and all the packaging in case it didn't work . . . and Bed, Bath & Beyond took it back with no questions and gave me a full refund (including taxes). Thanks BB&B! Shame on you, Tummy Tuck Slimming System!

  • skacleve - Too good to be true - even if effective, it's toxic

    What is the cost of beauty? Before I ordered, I went online to read reviews. One that shocked me is on Huffington Post, which warns of the toxicity of Perricone products. Among the dangers, it states "Accordingly, the Environmental Working Group rated 25 of Perricone's products as posing moderate to high hazards.' " It describes nanoparticles, which are in these products: "However, the use of nanoparticles in cosmeceuticals poses a generally unrecognized major public health hazard. Nanoparticles readily penetrate skin, and can invade underlying blood vessels and produce distant toxic effects, including brain degenerative disorders and nerve damage."

  • Marvin Powell - A Review and a Rant: SimCity 2013

    SimCity had SO much great potential to be everything we all wanted and more. Unfortunately, EA had to decide to give us players absolutely nothing that we wanted and make us "rent" their game at the cost of sixty dollars minimum in order to actually use it, rather than own it.