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Construction Specialties | CS - Construction Specialties manufactures and sells specialty architectural products internationally, with over 30 locations in 20 countries worldwide. Its products include interior wall and door protection, entrance flooring, expansion joint covers,

  • Construction Specialties – América Latina | CS - Construction Specialties cuenta con mas de 60 años de experiencia en el diseño y fabricación de materiales arquitectónicos para la construcción. Una gama de materiales impresos y electrónicos están disponibles en Español. Además, contamos con un
  • C/S Literature & Samples | CS - Download electronic versions of all C/S literature from each business unit. Acrovyn Wall Protection, Acrovyn Doors, Entrance Flooring, Fluorometry, Expansion Joint Covers, Louvers, Grilles, Sun Controls, Explosion Vents, Cubicle Curtains, Sustainability
  • Acrovyn Wall & Door Protection, Wall Coverings & Panels | CS - Acrovyn wall protection creates a barrier between hazards and your drywall keeping costs low and wall appeal high. Contact us today!
  • Acrovyn Impact Resistant Doors | Durability, rugged door construction, aesthetic styles available, passes full battery of tests | CS - Acrovyn impact resistant doors are designed to withstand constant daily abuse. PVC-Free Acrovyn Doors feature replaceable, patented stiles and edge guards on both the strike and hinge sides.
  • Cubicle Curtains | CS - Cubicle Curtains are a highly effective way to minimize the spread of infectious disease and reduce your facilities maintenance costs. Learn more about our full-line of cubicle curtain systems.
  • Entrance Flooring Systems | CS - View our complete line of industry-leading entrance flooring products for any kind of building application.
  • Architectural Louvers | CS - Construction Specialties focuses on the aesthetics of our architectural louvers as well as the performance. You'll never look at louvers the same!
  • Expansion Joint Covers - Solving complex building movement problems for 45 years. | CS - C/S Expansion Joint Covers (EJC) division has been helping architects solve complex building movement problems with custom solutions for over 45 years
  • Grilles | Screenwalls | CS - C/S Grilles offer architects the most comprehensive collection of screenwalls, capable of concealing just about anything.
  • Sun Controls | CS - C/S line of Sun Controls that save energy and reduce heat and glare, while allowing filtered light to enter the interior and occupants to see out.
  • Explovent® | The explosion vent that works every time. | Speciality Venting | CS - Speciality Venting Designed to N.F.P.A. Guidelines, Explovent panels are lightweight (less than 2.5lb./sq.ft.) in order to react quickly to pressure build up. Explovent panels are testable at any time, and resettable after an event. Explovent Testing
  • C/S Online Store Coming Soon... | CS - .red-button { border-radius:6px; background: #cd202c; background: -moz-linear-gradient(top, #cd202c 0%, #9b1821 100%); background: -webkit-gradient(linear, left top, left bottom, color-stop(0%,#cd202c), color-stop(100%,#9b1821)); background:
  • Online Store FAQs | CS - Online Store Frequently Asked Questions Search the FAQs on this page: and nbsp; General Ordering Shipping $(document).ready(function() { $('#faqList').simpleFAQ({ data: faqs, showOnlyOne: true, allowSearch: true, searchNode: '#faqSearch', minSearchScore:
  • Career Opportunities: Overview | CS - Construction Specialties career opportunities overview. For more than 60 years, Construction Specialties has been privileged to work with the world's most prominent architectural, engineering and design firms. C/S has a culture of innovation, it's seen

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  • Rebecca Mugridge - Recommended

    Networks of New York: An Illustrated Field Guide to Urban Internet Infrastructure is a short but fascinating look at the physical elements that make up internet infrastructure in New York City. The author talks about how she began investigating the physical artifacts that make up the network. She writes about walking around New York trying to identify and decode what she finds. Filing Freedom of Information Act requests to learn more about the network, she learns about how many cameras are recording our license plates, for example. The book is divided into below ground, ground level, and above ground. Below ground includes the markings that identify cable or other networks below ground. These are color coded, with orange indicating telecommunications infrastructure. This part of the book also includes a bit of history of the telecommunications industry in New York. At ground level you can find junction boxes, traffic signal controllers, mobile license plate readers, and carrier hotels. Above ground there are cell towers, microwave antennae, distributed antenna systems, wi-fi routers, E-Z Pass readers, microwave radars, shotspotters, and surveillance cameras. Illustrations of each of these devices are included so that the reader can learn to identify these devices themselves. Overall, this is a unique look at the infrastructure that we all take for granted.

  • Ian Macdonald - Know what you're doing

    This has many useful features for the small business owner. The program is set up to constantly funnel you to QuickBooks products--even for things that should be included like attaching documents to a record. This is a BUGGY program and many aspects are very inflexible. You can create forms (invoices, POs, etc.) with your custom logo. The resulting form is very amateurish looking--columns don't line up, cells too small for the text that's supposed to go in them, titles too small to read--there's no way to adjust or tweak this to fit your particular needs. Your troubles have only just begun.

  • Angus - Lock'em Up!

    I have read the other reviews.... I concur that Shannon Anderson is a Douchebag. I am assuming that he just got a new callsign in the VTs... "BULLSEYE"!!!! I love the comment that the author is like a "Virgin writing a book on how to be a pornstar." He put a huge bullseye on his back for any Instructor evaluating him. Whether in the FRS or God help us if he makes it to the Fleet. As a "Real" fighter pilot with over 700 combat hours, I had difficulty saying that I was a "Fighter Pilot" until I was a section lead in the Fleet. That is the point in my career when I would feel comfortable merging with a MIG-29 and knowing what I needed to do to succeed. Much less, write a book about how Shannon "Bullseye" Anderson flew a TACAN approach in the T-45. You have a long, rough road ahead of you son and there are many Fighter Pilot wanna-be SMAs selected for jets who aren't good enough to fly a fighter jet with weapons onboard. Even if you are lucky enough to get winged, you still have to make it through the FRS. I'll call Kingsville, Oceana, Lemoore, or Miramar and put in a wonderful word for you. Wait... You just did that with the piece of crap that you wrote!

  • Ashley McLeod - I love Mommy's Bliss brand gripe water and lavender products

    I love Mommy's Bliss brand gripe water and lavender products, but the constiption ease did not work for us. Not even a little bit. I would not recommend this product or purchase it again.

  • Amazon Customer - Dependable and full featured

    I've been using Outlook for a long time and have generally been pleased with the product. This version has been very stable. It occasionally loses connection to the Internet over wireless when the computer awakens from sleep mode requiring restart of the computer. Never lost any data or emails using this program.

  • Barb - Price was right!

    The chairs were pretty much what I expected. The quality is not as heavy-duty as others I have seen, but the price was definitely right. Overall, I am very pleased with the chairs. I hope they last for a few seasons of lounging around outside.

  • Ripuniversal - There certainly is a definitive meaning behind the label's "hard ...

    There certainly is a definitive meaning behind the label's "hard gainer's pak." This product is lights out when it comes to increasing your one rep max as well as additional strength enhancing compounds. I am on my third round of M-Stak and am 100% sold on Animal's message behind this product. I cannot stress the importance of staying true to your diet when using this product. Lets be real, if your serious about gaining mass while increasing strength, this product will surely assists in that matter.