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All For Less - All For Less Warehouse IncWe are located in Telkwa and serve Northern BC. We are a GE Appliance Centre and we specialize in custom granite countertops, solid wood kitchen and bathroom cabinets, porcelain tile flooring, decorative backsplashes, s ...

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City: -79.6591 Ontario, Canada

  • wlthlla - 4C Hair Goes Defined!

    Not bad, light texture, as opposed to a heavy cream. Leaves hair with surprising definition (my type is 4C). Don't need much, and I applied after my leave-in. Because my hair easily matts and tangles, in the evening I applied my favorite hair milk and twist/braid large sections at night. NO COMBING, but lightly finger detangle. So far my second day hair in 60% humidity is holding great! The hair is not crunchy like that from a gel set, it is not oily either although when I touch it there is a shine on my fingers. The smell is good for those who like vanilla or cake batter scent, I prefer fruit scent.

  • Truth - Supremely Usable GIS Software

    Maptitude provides powerful GIS results in a fast and intuitive manner. It's biggest competitor is a very powerful expensive program that is much more difficult to learn and use. Maptitude is the best choice in GIS software for 99.9% of people..

  • zoekat - My car has pretty low mileage for its age at just 110

    I used this product in my 2001 Subaru Outback with a "nothing to lose" attitude. My car has pretty low mileage for its age at just 110,000. And it still looks good. I had been quoted over 2000 dollars to fix and I decided that it was probably time to think about a new car. The leak was small and the dealership recommended not fixing and just watching my oil levels. The thing is, I hate having to worry about oil drips in the driveway and other people's driveways. So just living with it leaking was not going to last long for me.

  • Amanda Tejada - TERRIBLE!

    This product is awful! I wasted $200 in an attempt to help my boyfriend's back problems. The only thing this product might do is lull someone to sleep, but it definitely does nothing for your back. When the product is on, it sounds like the gears are buckeling whenever you put your legs on it. I weigh less than 140 lbs and it still does it when I put my legs on the machine! Don't let the commercials fool you. It sounded too good to be true, so I went on several websites to check reviews on this thing and all I saw were bad ratings from people who had never even tried it before, however I did see some good ratings from people who did try it, so I decided to give it a shot--BIG MISTAKE! Save your money and buy a nice eurotop bed with memory foam. This thing isn't even worth a penny. I threw mine out when I moved to my new apartment, and I had only had it for a couple months! Save your money people! Don't be fooled like I was!

  • Marcus Gamble - J.Cole Lays His Soul On These Tracks... #ColeWorld

    Man this album is straight fire from start to finish... J.Cole really put in work on this one. My top 3 favorite songs on this album are 1. Role Modlez 2. Tale of 2 Cities 3. O3' Adolescence .... Also I really dig Wet Dreamz, its a close runners up.... You really are slippin' if you haven't checked put this album... - Gamble

  • Richard - blackhead acne remover

    Don't hold it on one place for too long, keep moving it around. If you know what you are getting and how to use it this is a nice model that suctions out your pores and keeps them clear. Best thing ever I use it down there and it feels amazing it's unlikely anything you may already own . You won't regret this purchase