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  • Islandflea - First, I am NOT one of the paid endorsers ...

    First, I am NOT one of the paid endorsers. I have used PCmatic with SuperShield for years on home and business pc's with very few issues. Once in a while it will miss something but since I use multiple programs working in unison AND maintain a consistent backup habit, has been resolvable every time. Bear in mind that NO program is invincible standalone. Considering buying Evergreen. Thanks PCmatic!

  • Greg Rivera - I like that it suppresses my appetite without making me feel ...

    I have been using Garcinia Cambogia from Natural Nutrition Labs for a few months now. I like that it suppresses my appetite without making me feel shaky or jittery like other suppressants. I notice that if I take it as directed, 30 minutes prior to my meal, I am not as likely to eat as much and I go into that meal not as hungry. I have had some weight loss and slimmer stomach and waist. I have worked it into my daily routine and appreciate the results.

  • Larry Wahler - Not a Dummie Now!

    What a great cost for a great product! Many things that were confusing are now, no Problem! Thanks for selling this at a price some of us can actually afford!

  • Felix - Only $10 give or take to save your wrist from pain.

    So this is my second time purchasing this mouse pad. I don't think I can utilize my computer without it, really... I love it so much that I took it with me on a backpacking trip through Latin America. It's inexpensive and it will save your wrist from pain.

  • Jeremy Jason G.R. - Works well for as long as I have it installed.

    my pc works has always worked well as long as norton is installed. once it is past the expiry date, which happened to me twice before and ive had to reinstall windows, had some really really malicious hard to remove stuff attach to my hdd.

  • Krista - Punk 57

    I want to thank Penelope Douglas for writing this book. She did an incredible job with this story. I can relate and that's probably the most precious thing to me in this story.

  • MAGICARPET - Great product!

    I used to buy these on the "Q" bu they are much more reasonably priced here. It's a good product that works. So easy to use in this format.