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  • T. Harding - After reading the great reviews on Amazon about this new uhd tv

    After reading the great reviews on Amazon about this new uhd tv, I could not wait until it arrived at a local tv dealership where I nabbed it yesterday. Setup was really easy and went well. The tv picture I would rate as excellent, right out of the box. Once I got into the menu settings area I was able to try a few things and see how it looked. The remote is really new and different, but I like it. Nothing like the huge remote for my old Samsung hdtv. The sound quality for such a thin tv is just awesome really. And a few people pointed this out. There are 3 or 4 different sound settings you can try, but again for such a thin tv my hat goes off to Samsung on this. NO need for a sound bar for me thank you Samsung! Very very good sound quality on this tv. I do not plan to use the smart aspect or apps for this tv so can't comment on those. Overall I am very pleased with this tv and plan on years and years of enjoyment just like I got from my 2009 Samsung hdtv! Now I can't wait to get the new Samsung uhd blu ray player! Hear outstanding things about it as well.

  • sweetbebe178 - Does the Job!

    This curling iron does the job. It took me a few tries to get the hang of it, but once i did, it seems to work as promised! My hair is long and thick, so I do wish I could put larger sections of hair into it to have larger curls, and the option to curl in alternate directions would be nice as well. Just make sure your have all tangles brushed out of your hair so it doesn't catch. When I was practicing, I did have it catch a couple times, but then it did automatically seem to shut off to prevent too much hair getting stuck. I am not good with hair and would have no hope of curling all of it with a traditional curling iron, this is easy enough to use on your whole head. Definitely think it's worth it!

  • DS Gallo - The Foonf has a much better recline so their heads don't flop over when they ...

    We have both the Foonf and the Fllo. The Foonf has a much better recline so their heads don't flop over when they fall asleep. Other than that, they seem to take up exactly the same amount of space and the person in the front seat has to sit farther forward. We have an Explorer, and there isn't a lot of extra space in the front when these seats are in the back. However, we wanted the safest seat we could find, and feel that we have it with these seats.

  • Amazon Customer - Hides embarrassing bald spots!

    I have been using Toppik for a few years and it works wonders. I am a female with thinning hair on the top and using this really does cover the thinning spots, it's a blessing. One word of advice, be very cautious when using it around the front hairline, make sure it's firmly in place and use a good hairspray to secure. More than once, I have gone out and discovered that it has fallen on to my forehead and it looks like I have dirt there! Other than that, it's a wonderful product.

  • Daniel - This is a nice product!

    My dad drinks a cup or two of these every morning and it has been helping him lose weight. He let me take a drink of this and it actually tasted pretty good (I myself don't like tea, but this was good!). My dad has been on this for about 2 months now and there is a difference in the weight from when he started to now!