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Top pediatric specialists and latest treatment methods for children - Trust Beaumont Children’s Hospital when your child needs top pediatric treatment. Learn how our leading edge technology coupled with our family-centered approach to medicine can help your child.

  • About Beaumont Children's Hospital - Beaumont Children's Hospital provides the most advanced care for the ones who matter most. Learn more about our comprehensive pediatric services and centers.
  • Childhood Conditions and Disorders - Learn more about the many pediatric conditions and disorders treated at Beaumont Children's Hospital, including symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Beaumont Children's Health Specialties - For leading child health services, look to Beaumont Children's Hospital - now offering more than 30 medical subspecialties and services. Contact a specialist today.
  • Parenting Programs and Groups | New Parent Education | Beaumont - Beaumont's award winning new parent support program is a free, one-stop resource that provides extensive support and education to first-time parents. Learn more.
  • Child Health and Safety | Car Seating, Infant Sleep & More | Beaumont - Beaumont child health specialists offer expert health and safety tips for families. Learn about car safety, infant sleep positioning, and more.
  • The Children's Miracle Network and Beaumont Children's Hospital - Beaumont Children's Hospital is proud to be a member of the Children's Miracle Network; a national alliance of premier hospitals for children. Learn more now.
  • Pediatric Emergency | Children's Health Services - Beaumont offers dedicated pediatric nurses and physicians who provide excellent emergency pediatric care. Learn about Beaumont pediatric emergency services now.
  • Pediatric Oncology and Hematology | Children’s Health Services - Beaumont Children's Hospital offers leading pediatric oncology and hematology specialists to treat an array of blood disorders and cancers in children. Learn more.
  • Child Life Services | Pediatric Intensive Care, NICU & More | Beaumont - Making your child as comfortable as possible during your visit is a priority for all Beaumont Children's Hospital team members. Learn more now.

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  • Debon Berger - This Stuff Works... Seriously, it works.

    I don't really write reviews for products, but I am making an exception here. It took over 2 years to get pregnant with my first child. We used fertility treatments, and ended up getting pregnant during an unmedicated month (imagine that). I was diagnosed with PCOS almost 10 year ago. My cycles were always irregular, but when I entered my early 20's they all but stopped. After the fertility treatments, getting pregnant and having my son, my cycles were regular for a while, and then started to go back to their old tricks, just about the time we started to think about trying for another one. My husband refuses to do fertility treatments again, even though we conceived naturally before. So I looked up some natural treatments for PCOS and stumbled upon this. I was skeptical, even considering all the positive reviews. I hadn't had a cycle for about 2 months when I started taking this, and after taking it for about 1 month, I finally got my cycle. Although I'm not pregnant yet, this is certainly a hopeful sign, and we're holding out for better things yet in store :-)

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    I've used this earbud daily for just over a month now. I really liked the several different ear pieces to find the perfect fit. The earbud immediately and easily connected to my iPhone 5s. I used it mainly for discrete music listening at work with no problems. However, Today the earpiece gradually lost connection to my phone and just simply won't connect anymore. I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting to no avail. If anything changes I will update my review, but for now this device worked great for 1 month and ceased to work.

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    I was expecting some level of strategy but virtually all aspects of the game are wholly simplified. A great disappointment once you realise the look of the creatures is the only amusing part of the game. I'm pretty sure a patch or add-ons would _not_ make the game better.

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    The new version is too slow when changing between companies. Don't know why they upgraded the new one does not seem to have too many improvements!!