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  • Sean Wayne - Good System, Good Price

    I purchased the i5 model, before they installed SteamOS, (win8 version). I am a Linux power user, so I would have been fine either way. However, in utilizing this for STEAM, windows is currently a better solution, in my opinion. If you have the ability to install, I would, just to ensure the most complete gaming experience. SteamOS isnt "there" yet. As far as the box is concerned, I like it. It is a small PC with decent guts, especially for the price. And the beauty is that it is still a computer that can always be re-purposed.

  • Robert G. Spicer - Great idea and size, just not well thought out.

    Saw this cooler, read the reviews, loved the compact size and price, so I ordered it. When it came, I opened the box and saw just how tall (read short) it actually is. It will not accommodate a 500 ml-17 oz bottle. That's all I ever drink. Who drinks cans of anything anymore? Especially soda. Soda sales have been on the decline for at least 10 years and some genius comes out with this? Somebody didn't have their thinking cap on. I wrongly assumed it would hold a typical water bottle, which I believe has been commonplace for at least 8 years now. On the plus side, it does appear to be well built, just not practical. As an Uber driver, I needed something compact to put in front of my seat on the floor when I have four riders. I was excited that this cooler would hold 4 cans, however, not 1 bottle of anything...water, Sparkling Ice, etc.I am returning it. Hope someone from Cooluli reads this and modifies said unit. It's a great size and price, just not usable in its present from. FYI, was going to give it 1 star, but one star means I hate it, and I try not to get too emotionally involved with "things".

  • Byrdman - Les plastic great water

    This is great for every day use got this to stop wasting plastic bottles every day on drinking water hope to help the environment

  • rtclark - Not what I expected - better

    When I chose this collection I thought this would be "what I did on my trip to Italy". That's not even close. From the garbage dump in Egypt to a sports museum in Tijuana these pieces are not rehashes of the overdone.

  • Rick Michel - Please give this product a try and I promise you will not be disappointed. Thanks for reading this and hope you get ...

    This product really works as I hoped it would and I would highly suggest that everyone buy this product.

  • Yunicorn1991 - Castor oil is great for hair growth

    Castor oil is great for hair growth. I use this to help grow my eyelashes and while I did not notice hair growth I notice that my lashes are thicker than ever.

  • JM Smith - Improvement over the old model

    I had one of the original Worx grass whackers. Got it with 2 batteries about 8 years ago, and have used it each year, alternating the batteries with one charging while I use the other. It finally died when I tried to use it this Spring, and both batteries seem to have gotten tot he point they won't hold a charge. Searched for replacement batteries and couldn't find. They would have been as expensive as a new machine anyway, so I just decided to get a new Works GT 2.0 grass whacker with the 20v batteries. Got an extra battery and also a blower that uses the same battery, so I'm all set for another 8 years. This new GT 2.0 seems more powerful than the old one, and also seems to run longer. Was able to whack through 1/4 inch ivy branches that are taking over the back yard and chop them back. Had to hold the GT 2.0 on them for a while, but it would eventually eat through at least 1/4 inch thick stuff. Since I already had the original of this machine I figured this one would also be good, and I am positively impressed so far. Like the wheels you can flip between edger and mower position too. That's a new feature. The old one just had wheel in an edger position and if you used it to mow grass, you could not keep a level cut.