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Balsam United Co. Ltd - Balsam United a Saudi company provides IT and Healthcare solutions. Our leading software in Balsam is OASIS Hospital Management Information System.

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  • Mrs R. - Works great, feels nice and sturdy holding my tv

    We purchase this mount for a 40" flatscreen tv in our basement living room. We wanted to have the tv hanging on the wall versus sitting where the kids can get it. The wall mount does need to be put together when you get it. It is fairly easy to put together and had pretty simple directions as well. It was easy to hang and I also feel that our tv is safe and secure on the mount which is great. I will definitely look to a Fortress brand mount when I need to purchase a tv mount again.

  • Emmy - Very happy with this purchase..

    I needed a doghouse badly. After checking Walmart and ruling out an"igloo" model I went to Tractor Supply. They had a wooden one for $149.00. I was unsure it was large enough and didn't feel I wanted to spend the time putting it together. If I wanted to do that I'd just build one. This purchased hinged on cost, size and ease of assembly. I read the other reviews and decided I'd try this one. I have a German Shepard pup. The doghouse had to be durable; reviews indicated it could take a bit of a beating. I was aware it would be light and would have to be battened down. I was also aware it would need to be mounted on a pallet or something. I could not find this doghouse for less. I am a Prime member so the shipping was "free." The price was lower than any place else I looked.

  • pastorjfa - Great until it breaks

    I will start of saying I loved my NuWave oven while it was working. The problem is at just over 15 months it started to act like a fuse was blown and needed to be reset. I tried it in different sockets but it made no difference. For about two months it would work sporadically until it finally won't work at all. I notified the company and they said the power head was shot and offered me a new head for $40 plus 19.95 shipping because it was no longer in warranty. Then they informed me that the only way I could get that deal was to ship back the defective (out of warranty) old power head at my cost for shipping. iF i WOULDN'T DO THAT THEN THEY WERE GOING TO CHARGE ME $65 PLUS 19.95 SHIPPING. Does anybody think this makes sense other than their customer service. SO BEWARE IF YOU WANT A GREAT WORKING COOKER FOR LESS THAN 18 MONTHS THEN BUY IT BUT DON'T COUNT ON GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PLAN ON SPENDING $85 EVERY YEAR AND A HALF TO CONTINUE ENJOYING THIS COOKER.

  • Karen Mansell - This elliptical is awesome I've owned it for 5 years

    This elliptical is definitely worth the money although pricey it's a dependable machine and if I would have had additional $$$ I would have loved the longer stride with the auto adjustment on the foot pedals but overall it's a great machine. Sole backs their product.

  • Indendentwa - very good product for acne.

    I bought this for my 14 years old boy. He had severe acne that caused his face really red . This product works magically. I can see his face got improved everyday. I make him wash his face first with St.Ives Apricot scrub or St.Ives Blemish control green tea, then apply this cream on. The redness goes away after a week, now his face is mostly clear up with little new breakout but not too bad at all. I mean he's 14 so with the level of hormone surge I don't expect to see his face completely free of breakout any time soon.

  • Abigail - love it! I wish Just Dance were more internet-centric ...

    I bought this used and it had a sticker on the front that said it had been reviewed and tested by Amazon's warehouse. While it works well for the most part, it sometimes skips to the point where I have to shut everything down before turning it back on. Whether that's the actual disc or my Wii, I'm not sure. As for the game, love it! I wish Just Dance were more internet-centric so you could download more songs (free ones, too, of course). And there's no difficulty rating for the songs on this one, which threw me off a bit. But, overall, fun game!