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Home - Wir, die Bäckerei Koch sind ein Betrieb für “rrrrichtig “ gute Backwaren – und dies seit über 100 Jahren in 4. Generation im Raum Goslar.

Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Elaine - Great product

    I've used this product for five years and am confident that I no longer have to be concerned about my breath. This really works.

  • Colleen Ramsdell - Nice and slim

    This product came quickly and I loved the overall feel and look of it. I've had many wallet cases before and this one has a very nice streamlined look to it. Fit easily into my pockets, even small girly pockets.

  • shwi0899 - I like it. I wish the sweeper was better and ...

    I like it. I wish the sweeper was better and sometimes I have to "prime" it by pressing the lever a few times to get the steam going. Also, the filter smells funny, which I bought separately and rated it too so the missing star is mainly for applicability. I use it at least every Saturday and with a small dog, it does a good job of sanitizing and cleaning the floor.

  • CPoint - Great backup software

    Been using Acronis long time. Easy to use, very reliable. Backup all my PC's with Acronis. They saved me numerous times from catastrophe.


    It works very well with the tax software as guidelines for credits and deductions. Good resource for tax questions. Has lots of examples.

  • mom5 - Helped Jumpstart my weight loss

    I wanted to try nutratech appetite suppressants and weight loss products so i thought it would be good to try their cleanse first. I have used other cleanse products before, but this one was better than the rest. This product was very gentle, worked great and helped Jumpstart my weight loss program before beginning with the other nutratech products.