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  • The lesser known facts about Wheatgrass that will amaze every health enthusiast - Wheatgrass, a rich dietary supplement available in multiple forms has the history that dates back to almost 5000 years. Initially discovered by Egyptians, it has been part of the Mesopotamian traditions, recognized for its health benefits. It was only in the year 1930s,

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  • DurfDiggler - Needs locks

    As far as I can tell these are just line the GM version. I think they would be better if they had some sort of locking mechanism. Anyone could take them off without any tools. The flat design produces little noise.

  • Charles in Denver - Neuropathy: I won't go anywhere without this product.

    This product has been a Godsend. I suffer from neuropathy in my feet, the constant numbness makes me nuts. A natural health professional suggested that I try Methylcobalamin. Within a week, I felt like the numbness was subsiding but that HAD to be just in my head, right? No! I've taken this for most of two years now. I won't tell you that the neuropathy is 100% gone, it's not. But I would say that it is 75-80% gone. I won't go anywhere without this product.

  • tiberlady - Cute but no present issue cartoons

    I'm trying to get adjusted. The print is so small and doesn't want to get much bigger. There are a lot of cartoons going back years but not the ones in the current issue. So, 2 points off. Other than that it is the New Yorker and that speaks for itself.

  • Janna - My 7 year old wanted to buy this at his ...

    My 7 year old wanted to buy this at his school book fair however it was 3 times the price as it was on Amazon! He quite enjoys his video games so this was a no brainer for a gift. He carries it in the car all the time to have something to read. Even though some of the facts are probably more for the pre teen and teenagers, he can read this with no problems.

  • pparth ppatel - I love solar lights

    I love solar lights. I have them all through the yard and garden and they not only practical in that they light the way at night, they provide beauty in the garden via form and a soft glow at night. They tend to have short lives, primarily due to the solar battery itself. Recently Most solar lights are somewhat interchangeable, as they all have the same basic design and the exact same parts.

  • gene garbaccio - It didn't work all that great and wasn't worth the money. We will not be reordering it, I can't recommend this product.

    It didn't work all that great and wasn't worth the money. We will not. Be reordering it , nor can we recommend it.

  • Michelle Mayo - Best protein shakes ever!!!

    So happy I heard about and decided to try IdeaLean. I don't usually care for chocolate, the there's is delicious. I also have the vanilla, which I love just as much. Neither has that chalky taste or texture. Thank you!