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  • frank A. Spagnolo - pyronie symtoms

    I been taking secretagogue HGH for 4 months For the first time in my life I haven't had a cold this fall or winter. I have just noticed i am getting pyronie symtoms in my penis area Is there a connection ? I don't know

  • Bill - I have been with Avast for years now from the free to the current one.

    Avast seems to do the best job with antivirus and has kept me safe those and has built a trustworthy system of all around protection. I would like them to malware protection in the near future as long as it's not a big cost increase. Avast is a strong defense at a good price. They have online tech support or also phone. They also have costumer service both ways also.I would recommend this to those who wish for a product that causes us little problems just good results!

  • AT85 - Years with this Product... still not disappointed

    I've been using the Nioxin system on and off since I was 16... when I began shedding hair at an alarming rate. Waking up and finding a pillow full of hair doesn't exactly feel right to a teenager. Luckily I heard about Nioxin and after 3 months of use my hair was back to its normal thickness. I continued use for a few years and then bounced back and forth between several products.

  • Carol Toda - By Carol - On the Go

    I love how warm and light this sweater is and how compact I can pack it but they're always feathers sticking out of the fabric. It sometimes looks weird on a black sweater with white tiny feathers sticking out.

  • Barbara R. Poglitsch - NOT FOR KINDLE

    The plot does not fit any of the supplied categories as it is in the nature of a documentary. There a number of interesting facts provided by the author of interest to a loyal fan. There are also a good quantity of photographs. I DO NOT recommend it for Kindle as if appears impossible to access after one has gone through the entire book. If that is a fact with Kindle, I will stick to book format and scrap Kindle

  • MinorPentatonicAddict - Amazing results!

    I brush 2x a day and use DenTek floss picks after meals; but I knew I wasn't getting everything in between my teeth. This Waterpik really does the job. Amazing the food remnants it washes out. Gets your gums in shape, too. If your gums are mush start at a lower setting. Not noisy like the Waterpiks I remember from the '70s and '80s. Very compact unit. Nice case for the various tools. A great product that really makes your teeth feel clean.

  • L. R. - The BEST ingredients - have used exclusively for over 3 years

    This has the best organic natural ingredients (and I searched through everything available before my son was born) and I think the scent is lovely. Not too strong and very soothing. We've used it as shampoo and baby wash for over 3 years. We buy the large bottle with our monthly subscribe & save/amazon mom and it is very reasonably priced that way for its value. A little goes a long way and we don't have to buy that often. Using this and organic coconut oil instead of diaper cream, our son's skin from head to toe has always been healthy/clear and we've had no need for extra lotions.