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Pure Haven Essentials - Safe, Non-toxic Health & Beauty Care - Ingredients matter. That’s why we start with the best and safest, and leave out harmful chemicals. From skincare and baby, to body and home essentials, we are in the business of doing good.

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  • AAHJEZ539 - Putting this together felt like rocket science but LOVE the seat itself.

    It took me AND my husband about an hour and a half to put it together, which would bring my rating down EXCEPT once we got it together and to the car, installing it was so easy it made up for it.

  • Judi - My Dinner with Sonia

    A bargain at just over $200, this cookbook has changed my outlook on life. A real page turner, with mouthwatering recipe after mouthwatering recipe. A woman after my own heart, I cozied up to this gem, written by the Julia Child of Microwave Cookery, one evening while waiting for the Domino's delivery guy to arrive. The doorbell rang, and who should I find staring at me underneath that sexy blue hat, but Sonia herself, in the flesh! Evidently the royalties on this outstanding tome began to dwindle some time around 1990--evidently people don't keep their microwave ovens from the mid-80s, and the demand for this book dropped like a radioactive nuclear warhead sometime around the time that those namby pamby liberals began manufacturing those trendy, non gamma-ray emitting appliances that don't hold a candle to the monster truck sized, testosterone driven manly devices that I proudly display on my trendy formica counter. Sonia tossed the pizza aside, rolled up her sleeves, and we got to work...needless to say it was a night that neither I, nor the rotating plate in my enormous "wave" will soon forget (Sonia insisted that Micro was the last adjective she'd use to describe my gigantic beast). We finished the night off with a cocktail of Haribo sugar free gummy bears (Sonia is a diabetic) heated in the microwave with a generous quart of vodka.

  • Hannah R - This mostly tastes like your typical detox tea -- kinda herbal and grassy

    This mostly tastes like your typical detox tea -- kinda herbal and grassy, but then it's followed by this beautiful rosewater flavor that I adore. It's too bad there are only 14 pyramid sachets; I wish they had done a loose leaf blend because it would have lasted a lot longer. I've been making it a point to drink a lot of tea and take up intermittent fasting (I only eat within a 6-8 hour window of the day) and I've lost a few pounds since I started. I drink this and other teas in the interim.

  • Sheila Papania - I have been using this product for a week and ...

    I have been using this product for a week and have already lost 3 lbs. I have to admit that i did miss two days but picked it right back up. I don't have the hunger issues that i had before. I received this product for free. Thank you for allowing me to review this.

  • Randy A. Wood - Commute Bag

    I commute by bus daily and the small classic messenger bag is perfect for me. I am a pack rat and have carried embarrassingly large backpacks for my daily commutes. With this bag I put a small size book, a Kindle, power cords for my Kindle and cell, beanie, sandwich in a tupperware container, eyeglasses hard case, several pens & pencils, big puzzle book, small note pad; daily. If need be I can roll-up a light jacket and tuck into the bag and cinch the flap down with the 2 straps. There is also a small tag close to the bottom of the bag that I attach a clip-on bike light to help with personal visibility. So far I am in love with my new bag.

  • Donna - Side Effects of Align

    I began taking this product at the suggestion of my GI. He said that Align is the best because it contains Bifantis. His diagnosis was that my digestive system had been depleted from antibiotics. I was having the usual systems--gas, diarrhea, low grade fever, fatigue, and generally, just feeling horrible. I was thrilled when the product worked almost immediately. However, I became very constipated, and despite eating good food and exercising daily, it did not go away. I have tried several things, including taking the product every other day, along with eating probiotic yogurt. The constipation is still present. My G.I. suggests taking the Align for two weeks on and two weeks off. However, the original symptoms always return before the two week withdrawal period is over. I have considered taking stool softeners along with the Align, but this seems to be playing with my system too much.

  • Shahe Michael Momjian - Full of information about how best to deploy Exchange 2010 in the enterprise

    The book contains valuable advice on how best to implement Exchange 2010 in the enterprise. I found the chapters on migrating from legacy Exchange (2003 & 2007) to Exchange 2010 useful - particularly useful were the sections on message routing and client access.