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  • BR in Paradise - Winner - Winner

    Been using this product for many years. I always buy the previous year's version - saves a lot of money and the product updates automatically. I love the home network features and love the fact that this product is totally install and forget it - it does all the work in the background. New in this version is the file vault which protects file access. Glad to have the web advisor as well protecting unnecessary extra content from good websites. This product is a winner - I will always use it. The only con I can think of is the install takes awhile - and it removes the prior year's product completely and then does a fresh install rather than just an upgrade. Must be a reason though.

  • E. P. - Perfect

    I bought them to be used with a Keeper Roof top cargo carrier bag, they worked perfectly. Easy to install (less than 10min, including unboxing). No complains.

  • Bruce Gibbens - Trying Not To Buy A New Truck

    I am a long-time user of Lucas Oil Stabilizer. I used it in a new truck that I purchased in 1998, and put well over a million miles on it without ever having to add oil between oil change intervals of 12-15000 miles in a 3406 E engine. I purchased this truck used, so I'm trying to see if Lucas can postpone an engine rebuild.

  • Pamela Rachelle - Love these Diapers!

    I purchased pampers swaddlers diapers for my three month old because these are the only diapers my little baby girl loves. They are the softest diapers I know and she has been wearing them since the moment she was born. Compared to other diapers, pampers swaddlers do not give my baby girl any type of diaper rash, nor do they make red marks on her body. I have tried discount brands and she has ended up with diaper rash. These diapers have a yellow line that turns blue when she has gone number one or gone number two which is amazing because it takes the guess work out of having to do the old school method of sticking your finger inside of the diaper to check yourself. I would highly recommend these as these are the only diapers approved for new borns at my hospital here in Dallas. I will continue to use this product until my daughter is fully potty trained and no longer wetting the bed. Pampers has me as a customer for life with the great quality and sizing of this product.