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Applied Maths | Manage. Analyze. Discover. - Applied Maths develops since 1992 professional software for the biological sciences with emphasis on data integration, platform technology and networking.

  • About Applied Maths | Applied Maths - Applied Maths develops cutting-edge software for the biosciences. The company has gained worldwide recognition with its software packages BioNumerics and GelCompar II.
  • References | Applied Maths - Applied Maths has built an impressive base of academic and industrial customers.
  • Our software products | Applied Maths - Applied Maths develops cutting-edge software for the biosciences. Our unique portfolio of Bioinformatics applications has proven its value in everyday use in thousands of research sites worldwide.
  • BioNumerics Seven: a unique software platform | Applied Maths - Discover BioNumerics, the only software platform that offers integrated analysis of all major applications in bioinformatics.
  • BioNumerics Seven modules | Applied Maths - BioNumerics is a modular software package. By selecting from the available Data and Analysis modules, it can be customized to your research needs.
  • BioNumerics Seven applications | Applied Maths - The BioNumerics software has numerous applications in biological research. The most popular uses are described here, but many others exist.
  • GelCompar II: Gel electrophoresis software | Applied Maths - GelCompar II from Applied Maths is the classical gel electrophoresis software package.
  • BioNumerics Server | Applied Maths - BioNumerics Server: Powerful Client-Server solution for secure exchange and analysis of biological data.
  • GeneMaths XT | Applied Maths - Pure and strong mathematics for high-throughput analysis of gene expression data.
  • What we offer | Applied Maths - Applied Maths offers training, data analysis and script development services to its customers.
  • Workshops | Applied Maths - Scheduled workshops and training courses on the BioNumerics or GelCompar II software.
  • On-site training | Applied Maths - Applied Maths organizes custom-tailored on-site training courses on theoretical and practical themes.
  • Data analysis services | Applied Maths - Applied Maths offers a service of having your data analyzed at an hourly rate.
  • Custom script development | Applied Maths - Applied Maths develops custom scripts at an hourly rate, either in BioNumerics' own scripting language or in the Python programming language.
  • Order now | Applied Maths - Find a distributor. Request price quotes, free trial licenses or upgrade license strings. Order Calculation Engine credits.
  • Find a distributor | Applied Maths - Find a distributor of the BioNumerics and GelCompar II software in your country via the interactive world map or from the list.
  • Quote request | Applied Maths - Please fill out this form to receive a price quote for our BioNumerics, GelCompar II, GeneMaths XT or BioNumerics Server software.
  • Obtain a free evaluation software license | Applied Maths - Complete this form to obtain a free fully functional evaluation license for a BioNumerics or GelCompar II software package.
  • Request upgrade license string | Applied Maths - Please fill out this form to receive a license string for an upgrade of your BioNumerics, GelCompar II, GeneMaths XT or Kodon software.
  • Premium support at Applied Maths | Applied Maths - Applied Maths has a very professional and experienced support team in its offices in Belgium and the United States.

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  • John T. Price - Things to be aware of when buying...

    The ad says 'food grade' and shows a nice and neat sealed plastic bag with a sanitary looking label. THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU GET! I received a flimsy plastic (looks like a trash bag) bag with supposedly diatomaceous earth in it, obviously hand loaded. No labeling. Food grade? Heck, there's no labeling or anything to officially identify the contents, and I will bet this stuff has not had a sanitary condition preserved. In addition, a lot of trash type bags have chemical treatments built in to keep insects and odors in check, but are not fit for human consumption. Probably scooped out of a barrel of...something.

  • Jeff Schmidt - I would LOVE to find a device like this that actually works

    I would LOVE to find a device like this that actually works, but, alas, the search continues. The connectivity of the Wallet TrackR is terrible. My phone had a very difficult time establishing connectivity. Finally, after 3-4 attempts it connected. I placed the TrackR about 30 feet away from my phone to test it and it immediately lost the connection completely. It tried to re-establish the connection but never did so, even when I placed my phone 2 inches away from the TrackR. I reloaded the app and re-establish the connection about 20 minutes later and the same thing happened. There is no way this item would help you if you actually lost your wallet. The blue tooth find didn't work 2 times in a row when the TrackR was right in front of me with no obstructions at all. Very disappointing. Note: When I did have a connection the feature where you can set off an alarm on your phone from pressing the TrackR did work. This does not help me though. I loose my wallet, not my phone.

  • Heather M Goding - Fantastic Product!

    This is the second backpack of this brand and style we have bought (since my daughter had her first one stolen). The durability of this bag is bar-none. Tons of pockets for everything you need and many, many colors to choose from. I highly recommend this product to anyone - especially high school teens.

  • Dave B - DON'T BUY THIS - new sleazy royalty enforcement model

    Keurig has just entered the realm of a company I will never do business with again. First I can't imagine why they call this thing 2.0, aside, perhaps, from a second generation revenue stream for Keurig that this system will now enforce the collection of from customers. It's not Internet connected, its firmware can't be upgraded, the menu is primitive and lacks some very basic features (like being able to set the default brew size from 8 oz to 10 oz [and by the way, the size you really want is 12, which inexplicably isn't an option]), there's no app -- literally I see no feature benefit over the old system, and the old system doesn't lock you into Keurig-only k-cups like this one does. I spent 200 dollars on a coffee maker, and what I got was platform designed to lock a consumer into the role of enforcing Keurig's royalty-revenue desires. I've had this thing for too long to return, but I just received a variety box of coffee from Amazon. After ruining several k-cups trying to get it to work, I realized what Keurig had done -- you get a completely manufactured error if trying to brew a k-cup that wasn't officially licensed through Keurig (like many of the best brands out there). Totally sleazy move, and for anyone that has a stock of coffee on hand, be prepared to throw it out unless it is compatible with the new brewers. It's unfortunate that Keurig clearly doesn't have a modern understanding of consumer preferences -- people don't like being locked into forced-brand-loyalty.. Do yourself a favor and buy the Cuisinart version instead. It's made better and won't attempt to levy an annuity on people that already paid good money to buy the product.