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Apparel Singapore - Apparel Singapore is a mark of distinction and business excellence awarded to exemplary apparel manufacturers of Singaporean origin. Our business tradition of offering our customers the luxury of accessing our fully-integrated supply chains, while leveraging on the latest in production technology, has built us lasting partnerships with inspiring companies, such as Adidas, Armani, Banana Republic, H&M, Levi Strauss, Macy's, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, the Gap, Zara, and more. Adding to our legacy of excellence is our increased commitment to protecting environment and social fabric in which we do business, to build lasting partnerships.

Country:, Asia, SG

City: 103.8565 Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore

  • ROBERT R ROSS - Its a good size for my rats

    Its a good size for my rats, they seem to be comfortable in it ..The assembly was done carelessly, one of the door handles was put on backwards and very hard to open, big dent in the bottom tray and the top section didnt fit properly...So I had to do some work in my shop to make everything work. Other than those things it is large and nice heavy wiring. I think for rats two large shelves would actually work better, however.

  • Anthony - just didn't work

    So just a little background on me I've been working out for years I'm a certified personal trainer and strength and agility couch. This stuff did not work for me at all did not help me cut weight I wasn't sweating anymore then I normally do just didn't work .

  • Norskie - Great vacuum -- exactly what we wanted

    We purchased this vacuum through Amazon three weeks ago. The vacuum is used for our large kitchen (laminate floor), laundry and entry way from our garage (laminate floor), front entry way and three bathrooms all with ceramic tile floors. Based on one of the customer reviews we'd read, we were concerned with the battery life. This has not proven to be a problem at all with us. First, the battery charges to full capacity in just about two hours and not the three we expected. We use the vacuum almost every day and the first charge lasted for a good two weeks. We are now on the second charge. The brush option is seldom used as the vast majority of the vacuuming is on hardwood floors and not rugs. It is our belief that limited brush use has allowed the battery to last longer. We've emptied the cup twice and did not have a problem with getting dirty. If your cleaning needs are similar to what I've explained, I would highly recommend you buy this vacuum. We also like the convenience of being able to charge the battery away from the vacuum and not be limited to where the charging can occur. So, we prefer to place the charging unit on a counter top.

  • Jefferson L. Sherman - They looked great, but the weather washed out the teak oil ...

    I have 10 teak picnic table chairs. Quite an investment. Last year I stripped and treated them with Star Brite golden teak oil. They looked great, but the weather washed out the teak oil within a month and a half and then dirt got into the wood grain. Each chair has 10 seat rails and 11 back rails so they are very time consuming to redo. I used this product within the last two weeks and really like the way they turned out. The sealer is very thick and easy to apply with an inexpensive sponge / brush. I have put two coats on my table and all of the chairs. It looks like this product will hold up better. It's probably a cross between the oil and a varnish. Plan to wash/brush down the furniture at the end of every month and that should help preserve the treatment. Will still weather though. The only part I'm luke warm about is that after two coats, it hides the color of the wood and grain a bit. Color came out to be a gold/yellow. Still attractive. Fingers crossed that this product will last longer.

  • Chaon - Being stung to death by Asian hornets will be very painful, but it will be mercifully short

    If you are given the choice between a) Being stung to death by Asian hornets, and b) Installing Director Suite 5 on your PC, think carefully before deciding. Being stung to death by Asian hornets will be very painful, but it will be mercifully short. On the other hand, the cosmic existential dread that comes from trying to use this gobsmackingly awful product will stay with you for the rest of your days. Choose wisely.

  • Tonyia Sabb - Awfull

    The Service Reps for this product are rude and unprofessional. Against my better judgment I purchased this product, only to find that the company utilizes the initial purchase, as a ruse to making additional unauthorized purchases on my card. The representatives are extremely rude, and lack professional ethics. I had them blocked from utilizing my card, and they are currently investigating this matter. Very disappointed!

  • Ashley Roybal - Don't fall for this scam!

    My mother was the one that started all of this.What's even worse, is that for as long as I can remember she is SUPER against pyramid schemes, so I have no idea what they said or did to get her to become involved in this, or the fact that she is obsessed with youth and beauty that made her want to be a part of this.