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Ament: Headache Specialist, Migraine Specialist - The Ament Headache Center, Denver, CO, specializes in making an accurate diagnosis, identifying appropriate headache remedies or the best migraine relief plan.

  • Ament Headache Center - Schedule an Appointment - Call our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mike Ament, headache specialist, migraine specialist and neurologist.
  • Dr. Ament: Denver neurologist for headache and migraine - Michael Ament, MD is a Denver Neurologist specializing in headache and migraine treatment. He;s a neurologist who lectures locally and nationally. 
  • Ament Headache Center: Dr. Ament in the Media - Dr. Ament is a headache and migraine specialist with a focus on neurological conditions affecting the brain and the central and peripheral nervous systems.
  • Ament Headache Center: Patient Testimonials - DR. MICHAEL AMENT - Board-certified Neurologist serving the Denver Metro area providing Migraine Treatment and Headache Relief. Denver Top Neurology Clinic
  • Ament Headache Center- What to Expect - Ament Headache Center Neurologist Denver provides compassionate care for patients suffering from headache, migraine and other neurological conditions. 
  • What to Bring - Ament Headache Center - Ament Headache Center provides medical expertise and compassionate care. You can access patient forms here. Please bring completed forms to your appointment.
  • Ament Headache Center: Good Karma Discount - Ament Headache Center Denver neurologist provides medical expertise and compassionate care, specializing in headache remedies, migraine treatment and relief
  • Good Karma Stories: Ament Headache Center - Many patients of the Ament Headache Center practice good karma in their everyday lives. Here they share stories about giving back to their communities.
  • Ament Headache Center: Patient Pricing - Coming here to receive focused out-of-network care is likely to save you money on health care this year, despite the initial investment.  
  • Ament Headache Center: Clinic Policies  - We offer a center of excellence for those who suffer from headaches – a space for medical expertise and individualized, compassionate care. 
  • Ament Headache Center: Should I see a Dr? - If you suffer from a headache or a migraine more than three times a month, it’s time to see a Neurologist and headache specialist for headache relief.  
  • Ament Headache Center: Rebound Headaches  - Rebound Headaches - What's a rebound headache? Also known as Medication–Overuse Headaches, they are caused by the near-daily use of a headache medication.
  • Ament Headache Center: Trigeminal Neuralgia - Trigeminal Neuralgia, (AKA tic douloureux), is a debilitating facial pain syndrome that causes multiple sudden attacks of lancinating pain on the face.
  • Ament Headache Center: Cluster Headaches - Cluster headache, or “suicide headache”, is perhaps the most excruciating head pain known to mankind. We provide cluster headache treatment here.
  • Ament Headache Center: Occipital Neuralgia - Occipital neuralgia- paroxysmal jabbing pain in the distribution of the greater or lesser occipital nerves or third occipital nerve. Pain meets these criteria:
  • Ament Headache Center: Botox for Migraine - Botox for Migraines- How does Botox for Migraine work? Botox migraine works in a complex manner. The mechanism of action is related to interruption of signal
  • Investigational Study - Ament Headache Center - Dr. Ament is participating in a research study evaluating the safety and efficacy of an investigational medication for episodic (occasional) Migraines.
  • Ament Headache Center Medical Marijuana Evaluation - The Ament Headache Center provides compassionate and professional medical marijuana evaluation services to Colorado residents interested in learning more.
  • Ament Headache Center: Medical Marijuana Card FAQ - The Ament Headache Center provides medical marijuana evaluations to those interested in learning about medical marijuana and obtaining a medical marijuana card
  • Ament Headache Center: For Physicians and Providers - The Ament Headache Center offers Concierge Sub-specialty Neurology services for your patients with headache. Learn more about us here.

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