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Organic Fair Trade T-Shirts - Organic Fair Trade online NZ tee shirt store. Anti-Establishment, Political, Environmental, Anti-war, GMO, Religion, Controversial themed tshirts.

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  • Amazon Customer - Very easy to use and image is real HD1080P!!

    Easy to use and a very fascinating gadget. I purchased some items before which were 1080P,but the image quality is definitely NOT! This time I looked at many different items when comparing and decided to go with this one - and I'm glad I did! Opened it up, charged it(I used it to charge my phone, it works perfectly),insert a 32G SD card,(I used a Sandic 32 C10) and a little over an hour later was testing out and pretty amazed at the results.,the image is real 1080P.

  • Jasmine H - It's worth a try!

    I took this product for 2 1/2 weeks then I continued taking it while also taking some medicine the doctor gave me for a bacterial infection. This product really helped with discharge and odor for those 2 1/2 weeks. I will say it seems like something you will have to buy every few months or so because I purchased this in August and took it for 30 days and now I feel like I need to order another bottle to keep everything functioning properly.

  • R. Mattingly - tedious and difficult

    8+ it said. Literally no part of this project was 8+. No, that's not fair - testing the ear piece was something my 9 year old did alone. He also curled the wire ends. The rest of the project was completed by me, and it was frustrating, tedious and difficult. Then, after a couple hours of slowly building rage, I finished. Only to have this crappy, cheap, piece of junk not work. I would never intentionally spend $10 to infuriate myself for two hours, but that's exactly what I did. This was the actual worst.

  • Penny Welsh - No need for an attorney!!

    Great program works very well without the cost of an attorney!! Professional will at your fingertips.

  • Opie Opas - A great 3-speed stereo turntable, for the money.

    I got this turntable for my wife, as she has crates of old vinyl records that she never gets to listen to any more. I gave her this turntable and she whipped out her old Grateful Dead albums and played them. She enjoyed bopping around the kitchen and dining room, while listening to her old albums on this turntable. The sound is surprisingly good, considering the price. The needle did not chew up her albums, as she was initially afraid it would (we tried the turntable on an album she didn't have a lot of attachment to, before putting on her favorite Dead albums). The turntable is adjustable to play at 33 RPM (albums), 45 RPM (singles) and the old 78's, as well. I only tried this turntable with albums, but I'm sure it would play them all equally well. The speed sounded perfect. All in all, I recommend this turntable for someone looking for a portable turntable.