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Sound Therapy & Its Healing Benefits - Sound therapy has its roots in the ancient Egyptians and Tibetans. Learn how healing through sound repairs the cellular structure of your body.

  • Benefits of Sound Therapy - Discover the benefits of sound therapy to your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Learn why sound healing helps conditions like depression, chest pains, nausea, dizziness & headaches.
  • Dealing with Depression and Anxiety - Learn how dealing with depression and anxiety can start with lifestyle choice, yet ultimately be healed through the power of sound therapy.
  • Ways to Relieve Stress - Considering Power of Sound Therapy - Need ways to relieve stress? Sound therapy, along with meditation, are effective and holistic stress solutions.
  • Trouble Breathing? Exploring Your Best Options, Such as Sound Therapy - When you're having trouble breathing, you need solutions. Learn likely causes of your issue, as well as powerful alternative therapies.
  • Digestive Wellness - Indigestion Symptoms, Causes & Treatments - Learn precisely how to maintain digestive wellness, as well as the vital role played by sound therapy.
  • Medication Side Effects Are Dangerous Indeed - Medication side effects range from urine color change to suicide. Wouldn't it be wise to explore holistic options such as sound therapy?
  • Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression - Discover symptoms of anxiety and depression, ranging from mind to body issues. We'll then move you into a solution called sound therapy.
  • Home Remedies for Insomnia Include Sound Healing Therapies - Discover home remedies for insomnia, with sound therapy being an important part of the mix.
  • Contribute to Sound Therapy - Would you like to share your knowledge about sound therapy? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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  • Naomi Pool - SO EASY TO USE, and contains all accurate information.

    I purchased the 2014 not 2013. It was extremely easy to use, and as accurate as the official I-9. The spiral bound made it easily-accessible. I used this at an introductory level and would recommend it as your first I-9 manual. I love Carol Buck's twist on the coding books. She makes them fun and very user-friendly. Carol Buck has hands down taught me to love coding and my coding books from the very start. It is also easy to transition to the official manuals as well as I-10 with her books. I just wish they would come out with a spiral-bound ICD-10 draft manual as well!

  • Justin Wilson - Works Great

    This product works great. I have a light weight picture hanging with these strips. It has been up for about a year and had no issues with it. They are a better solution then nails or double sided tape.

  • Im a product tester - Smash box full exposure

    I was impressed with this mascara being that I dont like any of smash box makeup.I would buy this again.....................

  • Amy Leppin - Splitting/cracked fingers? This is your answer....

    This soap is awesome! My husbands hands/fingers crack and split very bad from working in construction. We have tried so many products and remedies in the past 2 years and nothing worked. Then we started buying this soap. His hands are completely heeled and no more cracking. It is so nice to have finally found something that works.

  • beth - I was fine in discussing that area

    It is not about the product itself. It is about the people who work there and their attitudes. I have NEVER felt so pressured to look at a product and almost "forced" into making a purchase, ever before. After the woman finished discussing the eye cream with her, she "pushed" me toward another woman to discuss the so called wrinkles in my neck area. I was fine in discussing that area, but the next thing I knew, the woman, Dina, was rubbing cream all over my neck and my FACE, and that took most of my make up off...ONE SIDE of my now I have to walk through the mall with one side made up and one side not...I think not...they did go to Macy's nearby and get me a sample of the clinique that i wear so that i would have something on my face so i could walk around, but they were aghast when I told them that I did not think that my face and neck looked better after it was treated with the "caviar and gold" cream that was used..oh and for a mere 5000-15,000 dollars I could purchase everything..When I said I could not spend that kind of money, especially on make up or skin treatment ( i explained that i had just had my hearing tested and needed hearing aids for 5k that I could not afford, and have two weddings for my children coming up this coming year) suddenly I was told that my skin is far more important than any of that, and they were going to lower the price for me to ...3000.00...LUCKY me....anyway..when I got home, I checked the reviews and most of them were .....SCAM...STAY AWAY FROM THAT PRODUCT....PHONY....BUYER am just advising anyone who gets pulled in at a mall or other location into an oro gold not walk, as quickly as you can, as far away as you can.

  • JustlivinginOrlando - Amazing

    My 16 year old daughter has struggled with acne since she was 12. She has seen two dermatologists, the best of the best here in Los Angeles. We even changed her diet. And yes, we also tried Proactiv which did not work. Went the natural approach at one time also including different vitamins, etc. The dermatologists prescribed washes, face creams, etc. At one point one of the tubes of the prescribed cream was costing over $200 for a one and one half month supply. And of course, with all of this, she continued to experience severe breakouts, especially on her forehead. While walking through Walgreens, I happened to notice the box of Acne free and for some weird reason, told myself why not. We had tried most everything out on the market all to no success. I stood in her bathroom watching as she did exactly what the box said to do. When she woke up in the morning, the acne had definitely started to subside. Within a week, the huge breakouts are now no more, and are starting to fade. She did get one whitehead, but that's been about it. I cannot believe what is happening to her skin. I highly recommend this product, and will continue to purchase it.