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  • BadLamb - I love the fold-ability of the handle

    I love the fold-ability of the handle. The scent on the pads are somewhat fruity and makes me want to keep sniffing it lol. The formula on the pad actually does quite well in cleaning dust on the hardwood floor. I never tried using this on the tile but I love it for my wood floor.

  • Brent Lindquist - Liquid not taffy. Supplier tampered with mine

    I have used this product for years and this last one that was sent to me was more like a liquid than taffy. It had a strange smell to it as well. Not sure if it was tampered with or what but I will never order it from here again. Never have had an issue with it till now. It's a great product but someone had to have messed with it. Watch out for this.

  • Wilhelmina C. Hinton - Replaced a different valve oil with this.

    Took a chance on this, based on the reviews, and bought this valve oil for my husband. He was so glad to see it! Said this was the type he'd originally used and wasn't able to find it and switched to another brand. He said he likes this the best.

  • Ross W. Virock - Invaluable reference for solitary pre-millennials

    Prior to purchasing this volume I was forced to use the antiquated system of a stove/oven combination and it was not only time consuming but dangerous and required I prepare much more food than I could eat. It took thirty minutes to cook pizza hit enough to burn several layers of skin off of the roof of my mouth when I could do it in under five with a microwave! All this time saved and no hassle of warming my entire kitchen with an oven as well as oven racks and metal pans that could burn my hands before I can get anything on the plate, much less my mouth. I can prepare a single serving of almost anything in seconds. The only issue I had with this book was finding a microwave like the one Sonia uses. Many said I was crazy trolling the junkyards but I believe to be true to the recipes, one must use similar tools. Modern microwaves do not give the same radiation that a classic machine can and will definitely effect flavor. All of my friends, except the one with a pacemaker, enjoyed my dinner parties, with other lonely singles, thoroughly. Plenty of leftovers, heated right on a plate, for everyone! Unfortunately, every piece of Tupperware I own now resembles an interpretation of Tupperware rather than an actual container, my dwindling collection of survivors are displayed with pride (being every plant in my home as well as some in my yard have mysteriously died) as my guests file in from their cancer treatments for a good, chewy, hot-as-lava meal. A MUST have for any person for the shelf in their <300 square foot studio apartment and probably the only cookbook you will need!

  • One Cent - This is a great product. I applied about a month ago

    This is a great product. I applied about a month ago. Had generally good results in the first week but was noticing last night that the pavers I used this on have never looked better. I had a big moss problem but no more.

  • Paul Bascom - Like the lil guy, but not quite there yet...

    I like Cozmo. He's cool. He's fun. But after a couple days, I'm a bit underwhelmed. Anki did a good job with a little toy showing emotion, and creating connection based on input. But a few things need to be improved before this is a homerun.

  • Felix R. - Great bike shoe

    Great bike shoe. The two velcro straps and plastic buckle really help conform the shoe to my foot for a snug fit. I'm a 8.5 shoe and bought the 42.0 and they fit perfectly (obviously, any smaller and they'd be uncomfortable for my toes).