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  • nancy brodner - Yuck!

    Purchased both shampoo and scalp spray. Thought they were useless on my thin hair. Had so much better results with much cheaper products. Now I understand why no salons in this area carry Aveda products. $100 down the drain!

  • Kathy Townsend - I like to use this in my cool mist diffuser in ...

    I purchase the Pure Body Naturals Lavender Essential oil so I can continue learning and experimenting with essential oils.

  • marghm - This soap works on seborrhea (crusing dandruff)!

    This soap really works! I have periodic seborrhea (dandruff) that crusts behind my ear and bottom of scalp above ears. I used this scrubbing my ear area and lower scalp area and it immediately cleared the seborrhea. Not only that it has not come back right away which is what usually happens. I am impressed. You need to use it regularly scrubbin the area (I do am and pm). Eventually the seborrhea goes away for awhile but this is great to use when you have it.

  • Daniel Tabor - Fantastic product. I highly recommend to anyone that has ...

    Fantastic product. I highly recommend to anyone that has a beard with dry skin underneath. The itching and dry skin has completely vanished. I oil early in the morning before work and then again before going to bed.

  • Cecilia - I would not buy this again.

    My best guess is it would take 5-6 cartridges and 4 months to MAYBE see a difference. I did my calfs and noticed a few spots of reduced hair growth- but never got to the point of not shaving. And the best part, if you get through $150 in cartridges and 4 months later, you get to start all over- because the hair is only gone for a few weeks!

  • John - Very nice

    Purchased for trip to the States and shocked just how small and how good this camcorder is for the price. Lowlight performance isnt fantastic but outdoors and good daylight gives good results

  • Margie - the size is perfect. This alleviates overloading your plate and eating portions ...

    These paper plates are well made. You won't have to worry about your plate bending and losing your food to a mess to clean up. As a person trying to eat healthier, the size is perfect. This alleviates overloading your plate and eating portions of food and of course, you can use the same plate to go back for seconds. Very pleased with this product. The quantity and price make this product affordable to me.