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All-In-One Engineering - All-In-One Engineering - All-In-One Engineering uses modern machinery, recognised business practices and trained experienced personnel to provide General engineering, Reconditioning, Manufacturing, Machining, Fabrication, Specialised welding, Roll reconditioning, Specialised safety and lifting equipment services.

Country:, Africa, ZA

City: 24 , South Africa

  • Dr. Borue - Made to last!

    This light has successfully passed the toddler durability test. That is, the minute this rechargeable light arrived at my house, my 3.5yo son latched on to it and would not put it down. It’s fallen out of his hands numerous times, has been banged into various lego towers and figurines, fell from a big shelf that he had placed it on so that he could make shadows on the walls with his slinky. Heck, it even fell into the sick with the water running one day. Through it all, it’s come out completely unscathed. Furthermore, the light on it is wonderfully bright and lasts all night (toddler left it on in his room), just like the product description states. I figure that any light capable of surviving multiple days in the hands of a rambunctious boy will be well suited to the rigors of outdoor use. I have not yet used the light to charge any other usb powered equipment but love that it can serve as a spare USB charger.

  • Richard Riemenschneider - Great Reference!

    I don't have a lot of extra time to take a class or anything. I like this book because I can pick it up, look up the thing I need to do and get simple instructions for that one thing. Great Reference book!

  • worldtraveler - Full of Snide Comments

    Although this book contains useful tips for the towns that it covers, that is unfortunately overshadowed by Rick's political commentary. This commentary frequently crosses the line into anti-Americanism. At one point, he described Americans as being "marinated in anti-Muslim propaganda." A few pages earlier, Rick states that Al-Jazeera is playing in every bar in Tangier, Morocco (without mentioning that Al-Jazeera is anti-American propaganda). Meanwhile, he seems to promote every stereotype of Americans (while derisively describing Americans as "Yanks"). I've traveled to Europe eleven times, and lived in Europe. Although there are a few "ugly Americans," they are few and far between.

  • tarcham - Surprisingly snappy and capable in a pinch

    This unit surprised me in both its speed and capability. I was able to easily use Rii and the Lenovo Multimedia Remote Keyboard N5902, upgraded it to latest 10 release with no problems. Only complaint is having to plug it in - I guess if you have a TV or Monitor nearby this shouldn't be a big deal - most hotels or places that have a TV now a days has the HDMI. I setup my work VPN and Remote access, so this would do in a pinch if traveling without a laptop.