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Private MRI Scans In Vancouver - Premier Clinic For Patients, AIM - Vancouver MRI Clinic AIM was founded in 2009 with unique hardware and software designed to perform whole body MRI.

  • Contact AiM - 1371 West Broadway Vancouver 604-733-4007 - 1371 West Broadway Vancouver, 604.733.4007. Easy access to parking off West 8th Avenue. M-F – 8 am to 6 pm weekdays Evenings & weekends by appointment
  • AiM Medical Imaging - Experience The Difference, MRI Scans - At AIM we are dedicated to being the premier choice for patients, physicians and government bodies needing our help. Book your appointment today.
  • MRI Scan Process - What AiM Medical Imaging Patients Can Expect - AIM Medical Imaging is dedicated to quality standard of patient care, respecting a patient’s right to privacy & confidentiality in a relaxing environment
  • Physicians - Getting an MRI scan without the wait, AiM Medical Imaging - AIM Medical Imaging is a patient centered diagnostic facility that is focused on quality care and your patients well being.
  • Full Body MRI Imaging - Get a private MRI scan at AiM Medical Imaging - Our full body MRI machine, unlike other MRI machines, produces images comparable to a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scanner, without the radiation.
  • AiM Medical Imaging Testimonials - Private MRI Scans In Vancouver - Take a look at what our patients are saying about AiM Medical. We are dedicated to quality care & bringing appreciation into all levels of our facility.
  • Research & Techniques - CCSVI & Routine MRI Scans, AiM Medical - At AIM our goal is to maximize detail that MRI can obtain by having thin slices. We use the latest technology alongside our experienced radiologist.
  • MRI photo gallery - Actual patient MRI imaging examples - All photos shown are actual patients of AIM Medical Imaging, obtained with personal consent.
  • Book Your MRI Scan Today - AiM Medical Imaging - Book an appointment today with AiM Medical Imaging for immediate answers. Address: 1371 West Broadway Vancouver Phone: 604.733.4007

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  • Frank L. Petro - Great Product

    I have a problem with moss on the north side of my house. I mixed the product according to the directions then applied with a garden sprayer. With in a couple of weeks all the Moss has died. Now I just need to wait for a heavy rain to wash the moss off the roof.

  • MummCher - No more exploding soda!

    Gave this to my husband who constantly put soda in the freezer, forgot it, and viola exploded soda everywhere! We have been using it constantly. We frequently have large numbers of thirsty teenagers here, and this will chill 12 cans on the initial 2 trays of ice cubes. Though it claims extra time will make a soda nearly freezing cold, it doesn't quite get that cold, but it's definitely refrigerator cold. Have also chilled 20 oz bottles of ice tea, which also are nice and cold. Have not yet tried wine (but we drink mostly red and wouldn't chill that anyway). My neice is getting married and this is a perfect gift for her and her fiance!

  • hhaywoodjr - Roxio Creator nxt

    Do not Buy this Product. I could not get it to work and the customer Assistance is like play chess thru the mail. If you do purchase it use a credit card so you can at least stop payment.

  • NuH California - Very functional, sits a little high

    I have a 1.5 year old and he's in the 90th percentile for height. While the tray serves its purpose for being a repository for food, toys, and a beverage, the tray sits higher than expected. The beverage holder works ok. Skinnier bottles or cups sit loosely. Again, it serves its purpose but there are few tweaks I think Uppababy should consider for the next generation.

  • Rudy Rivers Jr. - Welcome Mat

    Installed the mat on my car and have had comments on its appearance! Nice upgrade for your vehicle !

  • MawMaw51 - My teeth are so white now.

    My teeth are so white now. I really never knew how dingy looking my teeth were until I decided to do this whitener. I have before and after pictures that my hubby took and I almost can't believe that my teeth could be whitened about 4 shades whiter than they were. This stuff really works. The AuraGlow teeth whitening kit is easy to use and the results were amazing on my teeth. I did buy this at a reduced or free price to try it out but I will be buying it again in the future because it definitely works. Thanks for a great quality product that actually works.

  • Renee S. - Pedal

    Brake pedal actually slips over original metal pedal...very nice. Item looks nice and fits very well with a little work.