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Home - The AIDS Library - The AIDS Library serves the community through delivery of information on HIV, such as treatments, nutrition, and history of the pandemic, and referrals to regional and national resources.

  • HIV 101 - AIDS Library - Each HIV 101 topic has a short introduction that you can read, some videos that you can watch, and links to other websites where you can learn more about the basics of HIV/AIDS.
  • Our Publications - AIDS Library - The AIDS Library produces many publications. This page provides quick links to our most commonly requested documents.
  • Getting Help - AIDS Library - Everyone needs to get help sometimes. Find what you need by searching the Greater Philadelphia AIDS Resource Guide online database or downloading PDFs of the guide. For most of this resource areas, we have selected organizations that are located in Philadelphia, and that serve people living with HIV/AIDS. These resources are not comprehensive, but we hope you find this a good place to start.
  • Library Services - AIDS Library - The AIDS Library has books, videos and more. But the library is much more than a collection of books. We will answer your individual questions, and we have a blog that addresses frequently asked questions and concerns. We have a computer classroom, and we offer classes in computer basics. You can even suggest a book for the AIDS Library's collection.
  • AIDS Librarian Blog - AIDS Library - The AIDS Librarian blog is designed to address frequently asked questions that the library receives.
  • Ask the AIDS Library Reference Desk - AIDS Library - You can ask the AIDS Library anything about HIV/AIDS. Please be as specific as you can, however, so we can best help you.

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  • fcyclist - HORRIBLE

    If I could have given ZERO stars I would have. The package came torn. It had clearly been opened. It was sealed with scotch tape. This was suppose to have been Brand New. The book was warped as if it had been dipped in water and dried. HORRIBLE

  • The Dave 3000 - Very Nifty Gadget

    This device is perfect for anyone who finds that they don't consume an entire bottle of wine at one sitting and would like to preserve the wine for as long as possible without it ruining. Wine can be an expensive luxury and there is nothing worse than having it turn to vinegar due to improper storage. This device is amazingly simple to use and works perfectly. Simply insert one of the rubber stoppers into the open bottle of wine, place the pump over the top and pump about 5 to 6 times until you hear a distinctive "clicking" sound and you are done. All of the excess oxygen in the bottle has now been removed and the wine is vacuum sealed. When ready to re-serve the wine, simply press the nib on top of the stopper to release the vacuum, remove and serve. It couldn't be any easier or simpler. Well worth the price and you may want to consider purchasing the extra stoppers if you tend to have more than a couple of bottles open at any one time.

  • Amazon Customer - Good research into product and good ingrediants at the right dose

    This product is very well researched. I have this product sent to England as its the best on the market. It seems strange that some people dont like it, I must say my husband thinks its great. I have complete confidence in the research that has taken place. Thankyou Anabolic Men.😊.

  • leshol - Do Not Recommend

    This program has you eating 500-800 calories a day for the first 8 days. Obviously you would lose weight. I was constantly hungry, and my goal was to lose 10 pounds. I lost the 10 pounds, but gained it back. That's what happens when you starve yourself.


    WOW! A cd AND a dvd? And both ROCK! I missed Halestorm when they came to Tulsa (family must come first), and have been bummed about it ever since. Thank you, Halestorm, for a dvd so I could have a live Halestorm experience! Both the cd and dvd are are good recording quality and wonderfully edited. Lzzy and and Arejay give 'em HALE, while Joe rocks it out and Josh lays down the bottom line. I was surprised they gave "equal time" to the bass (not usually done on a live dvd-ROCK ON, FELLOW BASSPLAYERS!!!). Getting to see Lzzy front the band and hearing her perform vocally was a real treat. And getting to see Arejay (and eventually the rest of the band joining in)BOOM it up on "Boom City" was excellent!!! LOVED IT when Joe (on ACOUSTIC GUITAR) and Lzzy performed my favorite Halestorm song "I'm Not An Angel". I bought the first Halestorm cd (what seems like) a long time ago, and gave it a rating of "OMG-YOU MUST HEAR THIS!", and this live performance is right there, too. Halestorm rocks you hard, takes you down with A Familiar Taste Of Poison, and then rocks you up and leaves you wanting more. This is more than a concert - THIS IS A PERFORMANCE. You watch and/or listen and you'll know what I mean. Can't wait to see what they do next!!!

  • Kathy - I'm forgetfull and this is helpful!

    I am always misplacing my wallet/purse and forgetting where I left it, so for me, this product is great. I also think it's great that it will ring and let you know if you are walking away (from a restaurant like I've done) without your item! I would have lost my wallet so many times by now, and you can't beat that price! It is a little thicker and bulky to be carrying in a small credit card style wallet. I'm thinking it is better for those thicker wallets. it's not heavy or anything just thicker than several credit cards put together but a smaller size than a credit card. I will update this review when I have used it for a longer length of time. I recommend this TRackR for anyone who has a habit of "forgetting" things places.

  • Amazon Customer - Misrepresentation of the product!

    The description of the product is misleading: steel, titanium...but it is aluminum with the coating of titanium. Not better than any other non-stick pan. And food does stick to it! Total misrepresentation. I would not buy this product again.