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QHSE Compliance and Regulatory Services - AES Marine specializes in meeting the specific needs for each client and individual projects. These services consist of: QHSE Compliance and Regulatory Advisors, Industrial Safety Awareness Training, and on-site Specialized Safety Technicians.

  • Occupational Safety Training - ELearning - Our online educational platform / AES E-Learning is meeting the growing need for Informative/Interactive online Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Education. Through real-world experience and highly motivated Safety Professionals, we have developed low-cost internet-based education for anyone, anywhere, and at any time.
  • Contact Us - AES Marine Consultants, LLC - 115 East Travis Street, Suite 742 - San Antonio, Texas United States (210) 837-9867. - [email protected]

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  • AlexanderSF - Good product, but is there a need for all that Blue Dye?

    The product from what I can tell does a good job. The mouth is fresh for a good amount of time after use, but why is there a need to make the rinse BRIGHT COBALT BLUE? Why not keep the product natural. All that blue dye can't be good for you.

  • Bobby Smith - Awesome!! 5 Stars!!

    I was going through 2 quarts of power steering fluid a day..let the system drain completely empty put this stuff in and then refilled..About 20 minutes later...No more leaking..I was skeptical at first and now I'm Very Happy with the product It was 9.99 at Walmart...But Very Worth It!!

  • Christopher Nelson - Good for any player

    Arrived two days earlier than my supposed seven day wait period. Good value for the amount of cards, and great if you are just getting into Magic thanks to all of those lands. Would reccommend this to any new players, as well as for any Veterans of the game. No edges or corners were bent or smashed when ot arrived.

  • C. Ouillette - Superior mechanical keyboard

    Just love this keyboard! Previously used 2 Cherry MX keyboards, both had issues and stopped working, no response from manufacturer. My previous kb was a non-mechanical Razer which had no issues so I figured I would give this one a chance. I type at night a lot so the steady backlight is preferred though the patterns were fun to look at. Action of the keys is just right for me. Hope this one will last me a very long time.

  • Reasonable Guy - x-wives

    Phil's a rich, talented guy who has three of those things, and has paid for the privilege of talking about them.

  • Amazon Customer - ok for colicky baby, but I prefer other options

    my son has been on probiotics since he was four weeks old do to digestive issues and reflux (he is on Prevacid). I think the effectiveness of these suffered since they were not mailed with an ice pack and they would have most certainly gotten over the recommended temperature. I have tried multiple brands and while I like the ease of the dropper the best, I prefer Gerber Soothe, although the dropper for them is a little more annoying.

  • Jenn - Nice

    These look great on and very easy to install. The only thing that surprises me is the price given they're actually PLASTIC!