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  • H. Howard - Not only is this useless as a razor

    Save your money. Not only is this useless as a razor, but why pay for batteries, when you get better results with a bladed razor. The great thing about the light, it really shows just what the razor failed to do. Even if I was only trying to cut one particular hair, the light showed me it was clearly still there.

  • Karen - Great addition to a great series

    This is a nice mix of new characters and old, with a look at some serious issues, but with the always expected humor, too. Enjoyed very much and looking forward to more in this great series.

  • Mrs. Huntsman - We Looooove This!

    My son didn't like this in the beginning but after a few weeks it is my go to when I need to get things done! Falls right asleep! It also happened to be much cheaper through Amazon than anywhere else sold online.

  • JosieB - Nice Frakincense oil

    I like Frankincense essential oil because of course it's a gift to the Baby Jesus mentioned in the Bible but also because of it's many health benefits. I like that this particular Frankincense comes in a dark glass bottle so that it retains its essential properties, it's clear and a bit watery which is normal. While Frankincense has many uses I have been using this to help my teenage son with his acne. I have combined this with a fractionated coconut oil and put this on his face to help calm his angry acne. It's been working well and has also help to heal some of the scaring he's had.

  • Ruth Tang - Returned but reordered

    I bought this machine and used it for 30 days during which my back pain disappeared. But, being concerned about their being no warranty, I decided to return it and see if stretching exercises would keep the back pain away. It didn't. I am now about to reorder because my back is killing me again!

  • TL Lord - However it is a pretty cool concept

    I was not sure what to expect. At first I was surprised by the size of it. It is much larger than the average umbrella. However it is a pretty cool concept. It works just as stated. It is fairly easy to turn it inside out to prevent from getting wet. It is sturdy and durable. I have used it with pretty srong winds and it held up very well. I wish it was smaller as it is not an umbrella I would carry everyday. It will be useful in my car.

  • RONALD BACON - Blue Devil is Amazing

    2001 Dodge Ram 1500 with 68,000 miles. I purchased this truck new and on a cross country move towing a trailer it happened at 800 miles later. Over heated and had to get a car hauler to take it the rest of the way. After replacing the thermostat, hoses, flushing out, it still over heated.