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Home - Achalasia is a disorder of the gullet (oesophagus) where it loses the ability to move food along. Achalasia Research UK - An independent charity seeking more investigation and understanding of Achalasia and to fund further research into effective treatments for this condition.

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  • Jennifer Bunnell - If you're looking for an appetite suppressant this might be ...

    If you're looking for an appetite suppressant this might be ok. Otherwise it's a flop. It doesn't do what it promises. You'd lose the same amount of weight without the pills as long as you diet and work out. It's just wishful thinking. Side note, I didn't have high blood pressure before lipozene but I do now. Take warning...

  • Micha - Interesting Take on the Rise of Trump.

    I think I understand both Trump and America better. The mindset material is good too. The book is short and thought provoking. I'll be recommending this to family and friends.

  • Jovanny H. - So far so good!!!

    I waited to receive this to write my review. I love the fact it was so easy to install compared to some of their cheaper competitors and has a perfect fit to my device. What's more, they included everything I needed to prepare my device for the screen protector applicatii. It even feels almost a bit smoother than the screen itself. I'll definitely buy another for my next device (though with this level of protection, that may be a while)