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  • James Boyles - Not compatable w/dialup

    Due to our remotness we require only a dialup provider. Panda on logon takes over and automaticaly searches for updates, taking as long as fourty (40) min. to do it's thing. Trying to get help from support is impossiable, no response after leaving messages. Our advice: don't bother

  • Frank Burke - A must read!!

    This book is a must read for all Americans regardless of their faith. It is extremely well researched and gives a true insight into where America is headed under the Obama administration. America is at a serious crossroads in its history and the time to act is now. At times the book is frightening and you will go through a roller coaster of emotions reading it. As always there is great hope and this book gives a roadmap to rescuing America from the hands of evil. I implore you to buy it, read it, live it and give it to your friends.

  • Richard T - Better than exlax

    constipated? Can't poop? Eat more than five of these.I was pooping fire water for 2 days. Not to mention very uncomfortable cramping and abdominal pain

  • Troy - Great treadmill for a great price

    My wife & I have been looking into treadmills for about a year now and have not found one that we really wanted until we were introduced to the Sole F63. It took about two weeks to get it delivered (which is what we expected). It is a beast though! It weights at least 280 lbs! We had to open the box and take it into our house in pieces as it was just too heavy to carry.

  • Virginia Lawrence - Thieves Essential Oil Really works!

    I've purchased this oil elsewhere previously, and I found that it kept me from catching colds and flu. That sounds ridiculous, but it was recommended to me by a chiropractor, and I've found that she was right.

  • Peter Prendergast - ... board now for about a week and found installation easy. It worked right out of the box

    I've had the board now for about a week and found installation easy. It worked right out of the box. For you less tech types, its fast, handles THE most modern chips, does NOT handle "older" chips so read carefully before you buy one.