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MicroMax Exports - MicroMax Exports, located at 5 Sumangalam Fatehnagar, Ahmedabad, India is a leading supplier of Research Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Raw Materials and Pharmaceutical Formulations.We can supply Cancer Drugs, Hormones, Peptide Derivatives and other all kind of Pharmaceutical Chemicals as per the customer requirement.

Country:, North America, US

City: -122.3933 California, United States

  • tarcham - Surprisingly snappy and capable in a pinch

    This unit surprised me in both its speed and capability. I was able to easily use Rii and the Lenovo Multimedia Remote Keyboard N5902, upgraded it to latest 10 release with no problems. Only complaint is having to plug it in - I guess if you have a TV or Monitor nearby this shouldn't be a big deal - most hotels or places that have a TV now a days has the HDMI. I setup my work VPN and Remote access, so this would do in a pinch if traveling without a laptop.

  • Letisha - It works!

    I have tried a million different things to keep my hair from going down the drain and nothing really seems to work without also causing slow drainage. I had my doubts about this, but it really works. I'm impressed! It's great!

  • Thomas K. McGowan - Disapointed

    Product doesn't provide installation instructions. I was not able to install it to contain all the accounts(10),credit cards(11) loans(4)and tax information that I require and use. I am trying to replace and old program (MYM12) that I have used sucessfully for years. Because I opened the carton and installed it, I can't return it to Amazon by their rules.

  • B. Kalapurakkal - The software came with is just useless

    It is not the original EasyCap, which I really don't care, but the software that came with is just useless. You could see all the inputs, but that's it! You can't setup any security feature on that software. Looks like a fake software, so tried to use another freeware application,but only recorgnizes input from channel 2.

  • John C. - Cannot handle high humidity environments

    I purchased this hygrometer to use inside a terrarium in order to monitor temperature and humidity. Unfortunately, it only worked for a few days before it began malfunctioning, the characters on the display fading away until they were completely gone. It appears to me that the device could not handle the high humidity conditions of my terrarium.

  • Samson09 - GAME OF the day

    I love the games you .offer MY family all ENJOY playing it Thank you for tons of fun we like to all play