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  • Sparky_jr - Bleeding edge technology and poor support

    Great idea and technology but it's definitely bleeding edge. The thermostat is easy to install, easy to setup and has many cool interesting options. However, I haven't been able to fully use it because of dropped network connections. It needs wireless access to your network. I have submitted a support ticket submitted and it has gone up to Tier 3 for several weeks with no responses or updates. I've been told that with the latest software update, my router is incompatible. When asked which routers are compatible, they can't confirm because it changes with each of their software release. When asked when is the expected resolution time, it's been crickets. This device is heavily dependent on their software releases. And if the release is buggy, you are stuck with it. I want to love it but not getting the support for it.

  • Stephanie - This spy pen is awesome! I received it at a discount in exchange ...

    This spy pen is awesome! I received it at a discount in exchange for my honest review - so I got it to play a prank on my boyfriend. I couldn't get over how good the footage looks coming from a pen. Charged fast, lasted long and I got him great with this. I like that the card was included and not something I had to buy separate. Turns out it functions as a pen and writes pretty nice, too. Totally recommend this - I'm going to prank all of my coworkers with this, too!

  • Ana K. - Your Skin is NOT being exfoliated!

    I got suckered into purchasing this product at a mall kiosk. And at first I thought it was great, but I'm a licensed Aesthetician and I kept wondering if that much skin could really come off after every use. Then I realized that my dead skin was not actually coming off, it was the gel itself that makes it look like your dead skin is coming off. Try rubbing it on any smooth surface, even glass, and you will get the same resuts. In my opinion, the best way to exfoliate your skin is to use a clean wash cloth and plain water, and just scrub in small circular motions with your fingers. Be sure to get all areas of your face.

  • Paul Moreau - Not Very Accessible for the Blind

    PC Magazine gave Webroot high marks for system protection even though it uses a far different approach than do most firewall and antimalware products. While Webroot is extremely small and is very fast, PC Magazine indicated that it caught everything thrown at it even though the detection was not necessarily at the time other products would have caught the problem. Instead of pattern matching on downloads and installed items,to Webroot watches what is happening on the system and catches suspicious activity.

  • Amanda - JUNK

    DO NOT BUY!!!! Save your money for a higher quality made product. Received no instructions on how to connect. Hired a professional and was told that backup camera is defective. 4 months later the whole thing just stopped working. Piece of junk