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  • GeneL - Read the fine print prior to purchasing Acronis software. They only support for 30 days

    In Late April I ordered software, True Image 2016 for one computer and 2 days later I again ordered True Image 2016 (3 computer). I finally installed it on one PC in July. The back up failed. I tried again and it failed again with same VSS Snapshot error. I put it away and used Windows 10 back up. Yesterday, August, 10th I was ready to install it on 3 more computers so I tried to backup again and it again failed. So today I scanned Acronis support site and I did not find a fix or explanation. I did see and tried a support chat and I was notified my support had expired on 31 May, 30 days after I purchased the product and informed I have to pay for support email or chat. I will not pay their fee and I can't return it To Amazon but I can buy a better product with better support.

  • Dr. Amy - Why don't we have a nut cracker with Trump's left ...

    Why don't we have a nut cracker with Trump's left and right ears as the nut crushers since there is nothing else going on between them?

  • Kelly O'Neil - Great for off-roading!

    Just replaced my OEM Antenna on my 2004 Xterra. I was looking for a lower profile antenna for off-roading, & the Stubby Antenna delivers! I simply unscrewed my OEM, & screwed in the Stubby. Couldn't be easier. FM radio reception is not quite as good as my original, but not by much.

  • Curtis Macdonald - most worked good, but not great

    I bought several devices, most worked good, but not great. I've emailed their support team, but no response in 3 weeks. These devices do not work in airports even though they claim they do. One of my devices has to be reset every other day. One of my devices does not make a noise when you track it. Like I said these are good, but definitely not even close to being great.