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  • Nathan Hatton - Though the end, there is great beauty.

    I have been waiting awhile for this gem. The Runaljod cycle is finally complete, and it ends as it should.

  • Wheaten Mama - Smoking, hot, and smells like a chainsaw just burned through a log

    My vet uses the feliway spray at her office and I am always so impressed in how the product reduces my little monster of a cat into a pile of purring fur. I bought the diffuser thinking it would help us while we fostered another cat due to spraying, marking, and my male refusing to use the litter box. Unfortunately, it began smoking the minute I plugged it in and, within the hour became very hot to the touch. The smell it produced after that is a lot like burning sawdust. Also, and probably most unfortunately, I threw the packaging away and can't return it. I'm going to unplug the diffuser and throw it away and use the refill as a natural diffuser, letting it evaporate through the wick in whatever way that might work.

  • Dennis M. Wilson - Like most stories of Hercules you think of his strength ...

    Like most stories of Hercules you think of his strength and other things. This movie does not have that so much. It's a different take on the life of Hercules. I guess his strength is well played but in a different way. I liked the film.

  • Renda Foster - Phenomenal

    A must read Majesty is the new book babe. Love the characters and storyline, smiling knowing that Montana and the crew is in the house .can't wait for part 2 Chrissy J fantastic job on this book.

  • tlpete - Love this cookbook!

    This is a great cookbook and a good follow up to the first Skinnytaste cookbook (my most used cookbook). I like that most ingredients are not hard to find and in the few cases they are Gina tells you where to find them. Recipes are healthy and flavorful. We've discovered so many new flavors we didn't know existed - makes cooking fun!

  • Misteron - Backup Software that really works.

    I have totally relied on a image backup for years and this software has been the best I have ever used. I am impressed how user friendly it is.I recently had a incident with some anti-virus software that really screwed up on my Windows 10 Pro computer. I tried System Restore first and it failed. I tried to uninstall the anti-virus and it failed as well. Acronis was my last hope with a backup image I had made several days earlier. I inserted the Acronis Recovery Disc and ran the backup. It worked like a charm!

  • R E Nelson - Wow!

    Wow! I've listened to and really loved the original Trio and Trio II since they first came out. This "complete" collection is amazing, particularly alternative versions and the new songs included. Incredible.