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  • Douglas J Jarus - This is what a Les Paul is supposed to be

    I have the Iced Tea burst finish which, to me, looks very similar as to what is pictured here. I bought my Les Paul in 2009 and the Traditional was one of the only models at that time that was not chambered (i.e. the body is a solid block of wood). The 57 pickups are amazing and when combined with the nice solid body give you a great warm tone. The only modification that I have made to my Les Paul is to have a bone nut installed and the tuners changed. The bone nut helps keep the strings from binding and add to the tone a little. The tuners probably could have stayed after I changed the nut, but they make some very good "aged" locking tuners (I used Grover) to give the guitar a nice vintage look. I can not emphasize enough how important the PLEK system is to giving you an absolutely perfect fret dress and straight neck. I have all of my gigging guitars plecked by Joe Glaser in Nashville, and afterwards you can drop the action down to about nothing. It makes the guitar very, very playable without any buzzing at all. I know that most guitarists feel that the days of getting a decent instrument out of a major manufacturer are long past, but I have to say that I would not trade my Les Paul Traditional for a "vintage" model unless it was to sell it and then use the money to buy another Traditional and a private jet to get to the gigs faster.

  • Total Tech Review - The One!

    I absolutely love the UAG case for my Iphone 6s+. It is that perfect balance between style and protection. It is in that happy medium between a minimal case and an otterbox for example. This case is the perfect thickness, and has a great feel in the hand. I have dropped my phone in the hand. I always feel confident that my phone won't break after a drop. This, combined with a full coverage screen protector would be like an absolute tank. I love this case and would definitely buy again. I recommend this to anyone looking for that perfect case. I go between this case, an Otterbox Defender, and a Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro, . By Far this is my favorite case!

  • Bobben - Just fine...

    There aren't many things that can go wrong with a chlorine tablet. These are just fine-- not crumbly or dusty. And I cant beat the price locally. Especially when these are delivered right to the house, and I don have to stink up the car.

  • D. Compton - Extremely disappointed! I ordered 3 of these thinking I could ...

    Extremely disappointed! I ordered 3 of these thinking I could use them with Alexa (Echo). Setup was not difficult and I had one up and operating on wifi with the Kasa app. To work with Alexa, Remote Control has to be activated. This was the problem. Every time I tried to activate it I got an error message unable to connect to server. I tried calling Tech support twice and was hung up on. The third time I connected, was on hold 5 minutes and a message came on to press buttons to get to the right person. I did so and was on hold again for 3 minutes and then DISCONNECTED again. I then went to a Chat session with someone in China I think. It lasted over an hour and I would rate the support at a D-. Never could get it working. I even opened a second package and went through the whole thing only to get the same error message. So, about 2 hours of my time and I am returning all 3 of the plugs.

  • Melvin Boyd - Nuwave PIC

    I send this as a warning to all of u who might be planning on purchasing this item. It is not worth the money. Overheats and then cools down. I think it has some kind of defect. I bought 2 and both do the same thing.